First Congress for Men in Cameroon

In Cameroon, men are called to join forces beyond gender to build for the Lord.

Abraham Bakari, West-Central Africa Division, and Adventist Review
First Congress for Men in Cameroon

The Organization of Adventist Men (OAM) of the Central-South Conference in Cameroon recently held its first congress, August 14-18, 2019, at the Technical High School of Sangmelima, a town located at approximately 105 miles (about 170 kilometers) from the capital city of Yaoundé.

The congress came after one hundred OAM members decided to take some time off their regular occupations for these meetings and included moments of training and candid exchanges.

A group picture of some of the men who attended the first Congress of the Organization of Adventist Men in Sangmelima, Cameroon, August 14-18, 2019. [Photo: West-Central Africa Division News]

The theme selected, “Faithfulness to His Prophets in the Search for Growth,” was divided into several sub-themes. Among other topics, facilitators discussed Seventh-day Adventist partnerships, Christian entrepreneurship, keys to blessing, African case studies of member self-sufficiency, various investments and projects, and the footprint of the Adventist Church.

In addition to these moments of study, participants spent time in prayer and meditation. According to church leaders and participants, the setting in which the event was held, being away from the noise of the city, fostered a communion with God. Delegates to the congress were not only men, as some women came to support in cooking and in taking care of the media coverage of the event. According to church leaders, it was a remarkable combination of genders that helped members to build for the Lord.

SCC OAM director Jean Félix Eboua Essam and his team said they were happy to witness how this congress was held. “We now expect a larger mobilization of Adventist men which may allow for greater development of the Adventist Church throughout Cameroon, but especially across the conference territory,” they shared.

Leaders reported that several of the projects presented are being considered for the implementation of the vision shared during the event. Adventist men stood up with the slogan, “Men for Christ, let us rise and build for the Lord!”

Participants explained that the mission to be accomplished does not allow for distractions or delays because of gender differences or other considerations. “There is no shame in following our women in their zeal for Christ,” they emphasized.

It is something, leaders and organizers said, that men in central and southern Cameroon have understood very well.

The original version of this story was posted on the West-African Division news site.

Abraham Bakari, West-Central Africa Division, and Adventist Review