August 15, 2014

First Baby Born in Newly Constructed Sanitarium Tower in Sydney, Australia

Meet Georgia Kate Hogan, born to proud parents John and Mel on
August 11, 2014. In her first few days of life, Georgia’s having a bit of
trouble learning to feed, but her mother is not too worried. “I have a feeling
she’s going to be terribly determined,” she says with a grin. “Her older sister
is, and so am I.”

Proud parents: John and Mel Hogan with baby Georgia. [Photo courtesy: Kent Kingston]Georgia is the subject of local media attention and even
received a visit from the Sydney Adventist Hospital’s CEO, Dr. Leon Clark. The
reason? She’s the first baby born in the hospital’s new LW Clark Tower,
perfectly timed for the same day the maternity ward was moved from the old

New mother Mel Hogan gently ribs Dr. Clark about having the
12-story megalith named after him: “I’ve given birth to a baby; you’ve given
birth to a whole building!” she says, adding that perhaps his task was more
difficult in some ways.

Dr. Clark is certainly the model of a proud parent, pointing out
the spectacular views from each window, the features of the patient rooms and
the careful design that has gone into them. “This was my idea,” he says with a
grin, drawing attention to indirect lighting that allows nurses to conduct
nighttime checks without unduly disturbing patients.

The new maternity ward covers two floors and increases the San’s
neo/antenatal bed capacity from 30 to 40 beds. The number of delivery suites
has also increased from seven to nine.

Mel Hogan agrees that the new facilities are nice, but she’s
clear about her priorities. “Really, regardless of the view, it’s about the
people,” she says, mentioning that she had her first baby at the San as well.
“I came back because of the staff.”

Three floors of the LW Clark Tower are now open, as well as the
adjoining multi-story parking garage. More facilities will open in upcoming
months, with an official opening scheduled for October.