October 20, 2023

Filmmaking and Acting Workshop Expands Opportunities for Media Ministries

Philippines event connects enthusiasts with professionals, honing their skills for mission.

Nadeth Quinto, Southern Asia-Pacific Division, and Adventist Review
A recent filmmaking and acting workshop in the Philippines allowed media enthusiasts to find new opportunities to use their skills to reach others for Jesus. [Photo: Central Philippine Union Conference]

More than 50 participants from Central and South Philippines recently gathered in Cebu City for a four-day workshop in filmmaking and acting. The event, organized by the Communication Department of the Adventist Church’s Central Philippine Union Conference (CPUC) in collaboration with Hope Channel Philippines, aimed to awaken the untapped potential of the film production and acting industries while fostering spiritual growth among the attendees, organizers said.

The workshop kicked off with welcome words from CPUC president Eliezer Barlizo Jr. Barlizo said he hoped delegates would find inspiration and spiritual enrichment through the event. “This workshop goes beyond honing your artistic talents; it’s about bringing people closer to God through this ministry,” he said.

CPUC communication director Berdandino C. Maniego said he was delighted at the initiative, describing it as “a dream come true.” According to him, the workshop aimed to enhance the appeal of the media ministry to viewers, and he offered prayers for continued blessings on the media ministry’s initiatives. “May God bless the Adventist Film Network in Central Philippines,” he said.

The event featured distinguished Adventist filmmakers and industry professionals who served as resource speakers, including film writer and director Gem Roy Fuentes; Macky Caroro, a pioneer volunteer with Hope Channel Luzon and a licensed unmanned aircraft vehicle pilot; Val Filomeno, president of Philippine Talents Forum Unlimited, Inc.; and Jericho Filomeno, a director of photography for films and advertising work, alongside his wife, Grace Filomeno, a professional makeup artist.

SSD communication director Heshbon Buscato was one of the devotional speakers during the event. On the opening night, Buscato emphasized the attendees’ privilege to be part of this filmmaking and acting workshop. “Filmmakers are modern-day storytellers, bridging the gap between the secular and religious worlds, ultimately guiding people towards God’s kingdom,” Buscato said.

Throughout the workshop, participants displayed enthusiasm for learning and improving their craft. Jeriel Nuñez, a delegate from Eastern Visayas, said he was grateful for the opportunity to learn from industry experts. “This is an immense privilege for us, to expand our knowledge and enhance our skills by learning from experienced industry professionals,” he said.

Delegates were exposed to various aspects of filmmaking and acting, including cinematography theory and practices, basic directing principles, production management and workflow, drone operation, screenplay writing, plot development, visual storytelling, acting, hairstyling, and makeup techniques in filmmaking.

Joel Sarmiento, president of Hope Channel Philippines, unveiled the program’s underlying purpose, namely, “to push the boundaries of creativity and storytelling at Hope Channel Philippines, with a focus on producing short films initially and later, longer ones that will convey the Lord’s message.” The goal is to inspire volunteers and viewers alike through stories of conversion, mission, and hope, showcasing the transformative power of Christ's love.

The delegates’ dedication and passion impacted the organizers, igniting a flame of creativity and inspiration, they shared. “We envision this passion will continue to burn brightly, winning more souls through media ministry until Jesus returns,” they said.

The original version of this story was posted on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division news site.