March 13, 2014

Elders Called to Be Faithful, Focused, and Friendly

, Washington Conference

We want our elders to understand that they are part of our ministry
team,” says Bill McClendon, Washington Conference vice president for church
growth. “Elders serve a crucial role in providing leadership to the local
church. In order for the church to reach its greatest potential, elders must be
willing to live out their God-given calling.”

Dan Serns, pastor and retreat presenter from Richardson, Texas,
shared with church elders how “every leader needs to be faithful, focused and

WashWashington Conference elders and pastors interact and discuss how they can be better partners in ministry. [Photo: Heidi Baumgartner]Serns led elders through a series of interactive activities
through which they shared how God brought them to this place in life. The
storytelling exercise was eye-opening, and introduced elders to the power of a
personal story.

“Your church is full of stories,” Serns says. “You need to find
and share these stories with your congregation. These stories will transform
and strengthen your church.”

The two-day retreat of inspiration, practical training, and
fellowship began on Sabbath afternoon and concluded on Sunday afternoon to
allow elders to fulfill their ministry responsibilities at their respective

The retreat also introduced an elders’ leadership certification
program with modules for visitation, preaching, leadership, Bible studies,
evangelism, worship, and church organization.