April 10, 2014

Easter Flyers for SIGNS


Signs of the Times, an outreach journal
of the South Pacific Division (SPD), is urging SPD church members to share
the real meaning of Easter with their communities with the help of two flyers
from its Goodwill Flyer series.

[Photo: SPD]“More than a Symbol” gives the meaning of the cross in the
context of the great controversy while “Thoughts on Easter” explains the
origins of the tradition and summarizes the most important aspect of salvation,
Jesus’ resurrection.

“While we [Adventists] might not officially endorse the
celebration of Easter (especially in its current forms) we do recognize it’s a
time when people’s minds are open to spiritual things,” Signs editor Lee Dunstan said.

“It makes a great gift to visitors at a church’s Easter program
and is also small enough to slip into mailboxes.”