Bible Reading for Kids: Adventist Review Launches Annual Reading Plan

Special table guide helps children to create a reading habit for a lifetime.

Adventist Review Staff
Bible Reading for Kids: Adventist Review Launches Annual Reading Plan

The January 2020 issue of Adventist Review is focused on the Bible. One article encourages the reader to read the entire Bible in one year, offering three different reading plans to choose from.

Not to be outdone, KidsView, the Adventist Review publication for children ages 8-12, decided that kids should be encouraged to do the same. Reading the Bible can be challenging for adults, so children would certainly struggle with certain passages. The Bible can also be graphic in nature, cryptic in symbolism, and challenging in prophecy.

Merle Poirier, designer of KidsView, and part of the KidsView team that includes Wilona Karimabadi, content editor, decided to create a unique product for children to be included in the January KidsView — Bible Readings Through the Year for Children.

There are 260 readings, one chapter per day, covering Monday through Friday, for children to read. Most of the readings are story based, but other books are included to give children a sample of what the Bible has to offer. The child will read from the Pentateuch, as well as books of history, poetry, prophecy, the Gospels, and letters. All four Gospels are included in an order that the story of Jesus can be read in its entirety. Even part of Revelation is included.

The desire, Poirier said, is that children will be exposed to reading the Bible, find it enjoyable, and create a habit that will stay with them for a lifetime. Those behind the initiative said they hope that the children will be joined by their family members, perhaps as part of family worship, and enjoy reading together. Copies of KidsView also go to most Adventist schools in the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, providing teachers with a plan for their morning devotional time in the classroom.

Feel free to check the reading guide, print it, and share it with friends.

Adventist Review Staff