May 4, 2016

Amazing Facts Student Reads Her Way Into Church

via  Columbia Union Visitor

It’s not often someone walks into a church and says, “If there is a baptism anytime soon, I want to be in it.”

But that's exactly what Susanne Riddle did.

Riddle had been listening to the Amazing Facts radio broadcast for more than a year when, she says, the Holy Spirit convicted her to begin obeying what she had learned.

After several attempts she found a Seventh-day Adventist church in her home state of Ohio.

Riddle initially decided to go to the closest church in Cumberland, located about 10 miles (15 kilometers) away from her home. But she said she then felt impressed to go to a church 45 miles (70 kilometers) away in Zanesville, Ohio.

She drove 45 miles and discovered that the city had two Adventist churches to choose from. She decided that she liked the name of the Hillside church. The pastor was away at his other church that Sabbath, but Riddle heard a stirring sermon delivered by Rosalind Beswick, the first elder.

She said the sermon sealed her decision and confirmed to her that she had chosen the right church.

But that’s not all.

Following the sermon, the elder asked people in the congregation who were scheduled for baptism the following Sabbath to stay by for some last-minute instructions.

Riddle stood, introduced herself, and surprised the congregation with the declaration, “If there is a baptism next Sabbath, I want to be in it.” She then proceeded to inform the church that she had been listening to Amazing Facts. Convinced that this was God's true church, she came to join, she said.

The next Sabbath, Riddle was baptized with four other people who had been taking Bible studies.

Riddle still makes the 45-mile drive and is the first one to arrive at Sabbath School, church leaders said. She also stays after the divine worship service for a Bible class.

“I want to learn all I can, as quick as I can, because I want to share what I've discovered with others,” she said.