February 20, 2019

Adventists Open First Healthy Lifestyle Center in Siberia

Anna Testova, Euro-Asia Division, and Adventist Review

Seventh-day Adventists opened a healthy lifestyle center in the city of Ulan-Ude, Buryatia, Russia, on February 3, 2019. The new center in that Siberian city, some 3,500 miles (5,630 kilometers) east of Moscow, has been named “Shene Ehin,” which means “New Beginning” in the local Buryat language.

“In each person’s life there are difficult moments, which can cause a bad mood, fatigue, illness, and insomnia,” said center leaders in explaining the rationale for the new facilities. “Often this is the result of not following a healthy lifestyle.” In that context, Seventh-day Adventist church members in the Ulan-Ude region decided they wish to share the principles of a healthy lifestyle with their neighbors, something that became possible thanks to the support of the regional office of the church.

The new center’s list of services includes adult and children’s therapeutic massage; fitness exercises; and counseling on family and healthy lifestyles. It also has opened a health food store on the premises. Organizers are planning to hold weekly workshops on health and healthy foods.

Despite freezing Siberian temperatures, more than 40 people attended the opening. Eastern Russian Mission president Jean Taranyuk and center director Alexander Polyakov addressed the audience with welcoming speeches.

The first visitors to the Shene Ehin Healthy Lifestyle Center purchased products in the health food store, attended a presentation on eight principles of a healthy lifestyle, and took part in tasting healthy cooked dishes.

Positive feedback is evidence that the residents of Ulan-Ude are happy the new center has opened, local leaders said. “After days of hard work, we can report on the first positive results of the center’s activities,” they said. “The most important thing is the demand — people are interested in the principles of a healthy lifestyle.”

Leaders shared about the exercise classes and the massages offered, as well as the opportunity of asking for expert advice when choosing healthy foods. The location of the center in a residential area of the city close to high-rise apartment buildings is also an advantage, they said.

“We want to thank all those who helped us to prepare and organize the opening ceremony,” the center staff said. “We wish everyone good health and long life!”

The original version of this story was posted by the Euro-Asia Division.