March 8, 2024

Adventists across PNG Embark on 100 Days of Prayer

Initiative is part of the preparation for major evangelistic push in late April and May.

Tracey Bridcutt, Adventist Record, and Adventist Review
The Papua New Guinea Union Mission has launched a 100 days’ prayer journey ahead of the PNG for Christ evangelistic initiative in late April and May. [Photo: Adventist Record]

The Papua New Guinea Union Mission (PNGUM) has launched a 100 days’ prayer journey ahead of the PNG for Christ evangelistic initiative.

The call for prayer follows recent civil unrest and violence in the country. “[The 100 days of prayer] is a strategy to mobilize the whole country in seeking the Lord’s protection and guidance in the delivery of the PNG for Christ and mega health clinic initiatives,” PNGUM president Malachi Yani said.

Yani said protocols have been put in place to manage the safety of all international speakers. Leaders note that the tribal violence is in one area of PNG and there are no international speakers going to that area.  More than 200 preachers from the South Pacific Division are participating in PNG for Christ, which runs from April 26 to May 11 across approximately 2,000 sites. In the lead-up to the campaign, a health clinic will be held from April 16-19 supported by Adventist World Radio, 10,000 Toes, and ELIA Wellness.

Countrywide Preparations

In addition to the prayer initiative, countrywide Adventist station Hope Radio is continually building anticipation for the program. All over Papua New Guinea, local Adventist church leaders and members are preparing for PNG for Christ.

Leaders are training members to nurture and support new disciples of Jesus through the Discovery Bible Reading method. Health clinics and some churches are training volunteer 10,000 Toes ambassadors to do basic health tests and share basic health principles. Other projects include building accommodations and outdoor stages for preaching and planting gardens that will provide food for guests.

Papua New Guinea for Christ

Regional church leaders have called PNG for Christ “a unique opportunity to bring people closer to Jesus.” For two weeks, nightly meetings will be conducted to engage and inspire individuals in their spiritual journey, regional church leaders said.

Organizers also noted that the Adventist Church’s General Conference president Ted N. C. Wilson and several leaders from other world church divisions are expected to participate as speakers.

“Our primary goal is to bring people to the Lord — that is what PNG for Christ is all about,” said Gary Webster, director of the Institute of Public Evangelism at the SPD. “We need at least 300 preachers from across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific islands. It’s going to be an extraordinary and uplifting experience, and I would encourage anyone interested to embrace this opportunity.”

The original version of this story was posted on Adventist Record.