October 25, 2014

Adventist Woman, 100, Says Helping Others Makes Life Good

An Adventist woman who turned 100 this
week says the secret to a good life is to help others.

Rosa Moore, who celebrated her 100th
birthday on Oct. 22, lives in Huntsville, Alabama, far from her native Panama.

But her kindness has been known to many
over the years, including the groups of up to 50 students from Oakwood
University who flocked to her home for Sabbath lunch after she moved to the
area in 1983, the al.com news website reported.

"You should try and help somebody
else," Moore told al.com reporter Kay Campbell. "That's why I have so many
friends—some of them think they are relatives."

Moore, whose 75-year-old daughter, Carol
Moore, is a graduate of Oakwood and is its former activities director, belongs to
a family of some of the first Adventists in the region in Colombia that is Panama
today. Her grandfather was the first Adventist elder in the area. She moved to
the United States amid unrest in Panama at the end of World War II.

Moore’s Oct. 22 birthday shares a date with
a key event in Adventist history, the Great Disappointment in 1844 when Advent
pioneers thought Jesus would return.

Rosa Moore will celebrate her 100th
birthday with a reception on Sabbath, Oct. 25, at Oakwood University after
church services.

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