September 13, 2023

Adventist Church in Colombia Gears Up for Massive Evangelism Impact

Twenty-five city effort is expected to lead to more than 10,000 baptisms, leaders said.

Laura Acosta and Inter-American Division News
Robert Costa films encouraging messages to be aired on Colombian national television from Guatavita, in southern Colombia. [Photo: South Colombia Union]

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Colombia Union has been gearing up to reach thousands of people with the gospel during a multi-city evangelism impact in the coming months. Many evangelistic efforts are in full gear leading up to a special 25-city visit expected to see more than 10,000 new members joining the church.

One of the comprehensive strategies to reach the masses in Bogota has been through two-minute spots aired daily on City TV, a national television station. The spots, which feature short stories or messages of hope, are produced by the church’s Hope Media Colombia in a program called A Better Way to Live, featuring Robert Costa, Adventist evangelist and speaker of the “It is Written” television program in Spanish.

In each of the television messages, viewers are invited to share any questions, concerns, and prayer requests through a telephone number, church leaders said.

“This initiative not only reinforces the evangelistic message shared through the program but also is intended to show a genuine concern for the spiritual and emotional well-being of the audience,” Henry Beltrán, communication director of the South Colombia Union, said.

Already thousands who are looking for a deeper connection with God have responded to this invitation, Beltrán said. Pastors who are geographically close to them will offer spiritual support and provide biblical answers to their questions, he explained.

The television spots airing three times per day have captivated so many throughout the union territory that recently, 120 messages were recorded at key points in southern Colombia that have begun airing as a second season of A Better Way to Live.  The television initiative is paired up with other evangelism activities taking place in collaboration with the church’s departments and ministries, leaders said.

“This is a great opportunity that the Adventist Church has right now,” Beltrán. “Throughout the history of the Adventist Church in Colombia, we have never had such access to media.”

In two days, the team of Hope Media Colombia filmed the new season with Costa in Bogota, Chia, Cajica, and Guatavita. “Colombia has beautiful places,” Costa, who is also a ministerial associate of the General Conference, said. “It was so exciting to visit those places and convey a message from God’s heart.”

The opening of the immense door of opportunity to reach so many in Colombia with the gospel is God-sent, Costa said. “We are part of the great prophecy given by our Lord Jesus Christ for this time,” he said. “Surely the evangelistic impact through the media is like the air force in a battle.”

The church is ready to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of thousands of people, Beltrán said. At the close of this year’s evangelism efforts, leaders are planning to host a spiritual celebration with 12,000 people at the G12 Events Center in Bogota. Leaders announced the large program will feature Costa, musical groups, and messages of faith, hope, and spiritual renewal.

The original version of this story was posted on the Inter-American Division news site.