AdventHealth Among Top Companies Featured at Healthcare Conference

The 2019 J.P. Morgan event underscored the Adventist focus on wholeness.

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AdventHealth Among Top Companies Featured at Healthcare Conference

AdventHealth was once again a featured presenter at the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, held January 7-10, 2019, in San Francisco, California, United States. With more than 450 companies represented, the four-day conference is the industry’s largest health-care symposium, bringing together more than 10,000 people, including industry leaders, technology innovators, and creators and members of the investment community.

On day two of the event, AdventHealth president and CEO Terry Shaw and chief financial officer Paul Rathbun took the stage, delivering a presentation that covered the Adventist organization’s recent brand transformation to AdventHealth, outlined its consumer-focused approach to care delivery, and touched on plans for future growth.

AdventHealth’s presentation was part of the elbow-to-elbow non-profit-provider session, where leaders from roughly two dozen of the foremost hospitals and health systems in the United States shared their viewpoints and industry insights.

“One of the most striking themes of this year’s conference was a widespread focus on expanding beyond traditional healthcare service delivery to impact population health,” J.P. Morgan organizers explained. “The challenges health systems are taking on are massive and varied — including mental health, spiritual care, homelessness, food insecurity, human trafficking, and climate change.”

Referring specifically to AdventHealth, conference organizers also said that while the business models for integrated delivery systems (that is to say, those with insurance arms or assuming financial risk for populations) may be more aligned to support health rather than treat problems, and success in these areas will not simply be measured in traditional financial metrics. “This is the new ‘population health’ — not necessarily trying to mimic insurers, but rather addressing a much wider range of issues that influence communities’ health; in a word, it’s AdventHealth’s concept of being whole,” they said.

The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference was the first national industry event that the AdventHealth organization took part in since its rebranding at the beginning of 2019. Other health-care companies represented at the conference included Ascension, Geisinger, Henry Ford Health System, Intermountain Healthcare, Mayo Clinic, and Northwell Health.

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AdventHealth News, and Adventist Review