February 14, 2014

ADRA Romania has Launched a New National Campaign Against Domestic Violence

ADRA Romania is launching a fresh
campaign in favor of true manhood. Following successful ADRA's recent
campaigns have been created in order to make women who are abused take
action and notify the authorities. These included "You Like to Hit?
Choose the Right Opponent!"—developed in partnership with world champion
Leonard Doroftei, and "Shut out Loud!" This year's new campaign will
encourage positive behavior and acknowledge true men who "love, cherish
and protect” their most valuable asset, their family!

“What is a true man? Do true men
still exist? How can we publicly acknowledge them in order to show that
normality is different and that violent men are not the rule? These questions
were the starting point for this year's campaign,” said Sorin Goleanu,
Executive Director of ADRA Romania.

In order to acknowledge true men,
ADRA Romania has also launched a symbol product, a blue muffler, designed as a
gift that can be offered to Real Men by their wives, friends or families, as a
symbol of their appreciation, and to encourage positive, caring and respectful
behavior towards their loved ones. The customized muffler carries a label with
the message of the campaign and gives recognition to the one wearing it for
being a True Man.

Romania 2 edit“The concept of the campaign was an
inspired choice and was received enthusiastically by our partners including
important retailers like Carrefour, Sanovita—Romania's biggest health food
company, and important public institutions,” said Goleanu. “The campaign has
enjoyed over 36,000 views online, the support of nearly 20 national and local
media outlets, as well as printed materials distributed (250,000 copies)
through the 50 stands set up in Carrefour stores across 21 towns and cities.
This has made it possible for the message to be sent at a level previously
unreached by any of the former ADRA Romania campaigns,” he continued.

Its impact and concept inspired
three national television networks to double the campaign's required
broadcasting period (up to two months), and a campaign spot was seen daily by
millions of Romanians. Another surprise came during the last broadcast of the
evangelistic series “Hope on the Horizon” presented by Doug Batchelor and
watched by millions of people in churches, on TV, and on internet. Sidonia
Dinu, host of the event, offered her husband Sorin, co-host of the show, the
blue muffler, transmitting thecampaign's message to an extended audience.

ADRA's latest Romania campaign
managed to break away from the trend of victimization that has characterized
most campaigns against domestic violence. It offers more creative and effective
ways to combat this phenomenon that is widespread in Romania. The campaign also
presented practical ways of helping those affected by this phenomenon, and contact
information where those affected by domestic violence can ask for help. This
includes an email address, an emergency phone number and information on
services provided by the center.

About ADRA Romania

Starting in 2009, ADRA Romania has
operated the Emergency Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence – ADRA House.
Here, women who have reported incidents of domestic violence to the
authorities, receive accommodations, food, and emergency medical assistance. Services
include individual and couple psychological counseling, social assistance, or
information on possible legal counsel for victims engaged in a lawsuit against
their abuser.

ADRA Romania is:

▪a member of the Non-Governmental Development Organization [NGDO]

▪a member of the Committee of Non-Governmental Organizations for
Child Protection (FONPC);

▪an accredited social services provider for the Counseling and
Support Center for Victims of Natural Disasters; and

▪an accredited social services provider for the Information and
Counseling Center for People in Need