November 13, 2016

ADRA Norway innovates to raise funds for global relief

Adventist Review staff

Seventh-day Adventists believe in Jesus, and in His command to serve others with compassion and aid during times of crisis. For sixty years, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency International, or ADRA, has represented the church on the front lines of human need.

ADRA serves those in crisis regardless of religion or church affiliation. Currently, the organization is working diligently to help refugees in the Middle East, as well as those who've fled to Europe in search of safety.

In Norway, a nation of 5.2 million people at the top of Europe's Scandinavian Peninsula, the country's 4,531 Seventh-day Adventist members represent one Adventist for every 1,100 people. Yet, the church this year brought in approximately $143,000 US for ADRA projects. Through a program called “Ingathering” Church members collected donations door-to-door, sponsored a car "boot" (or, trunk) sale, and held a book sale to raise funds.

This video report by Tor Tjeransen, media director of the church's Norwegian Union, offers an up-close view of how Norwegian Adventists did all this.