February 7, 2014

​Addicts Give up Drugs For Jesus

, South Pacific Division Record

Yes to Jesus and no to drugs for forever.” That was the slogan thought up by a
group of 52 marijuana users who publicly renounced their drug addiction at an
Adventist evangelistic meeting in Papua New Guinea in January.

program, held at Gumanch in the Dei District of the Western Highlands Province,
attracted some of the most infamous drug addicts in the region.

them was an elderly man known as “Fatherman,” who served as the group’s team
leader. During the weeklong program, “Fatherman” gave up his notorious nickname
as a symbol of his newfound faith. He is now known as William.

commended the local Adventist church and guest speaker Solomon Kewa for
recognising the young men as people of value.

community councilors and chiefs were on hand to support the recovering drug
addicts, encouraging them to “[not] let drugs lower your self esteem.”

are worthy. Your families, church, community, province, and country needs you,”
they added. “Above all, God loves you.”

All of
the 52 former drug addicts are currently attending the local Adventist church.

success of the program has captured the attention of Papua New Guineans across
the country, with a story on the evangelistic series featured in the January 23
issue of the Post Courier.