August 20, 2015

5 Apps, 5 Short Films, and a Bunch of Books

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A world division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church has released five game apps, five animated shorts, and audio and interactive online books to reinforce character building and Christian values among children.

Many of the online resources, available in English and Spanish, with French editions in the works, are available at no cost to anyone around the world on the website of the Inter-American Division.

Dinorah Rivera, who spearheaded the project as the director of the division’s children and adolescents ministries, said this is the first time in decades that so many resources have been produced and introduced at once by the division.

“It is very exciting to have additional tools available to our most precious resources in the church — our young members,” Rivera said.Dinorah Rivera, director of children and adolescents ministries for the Inter-American Division. (IAD)

Well over 1 million children and teens attend Adventist churches and other programs in the division, Rivera said. The Inter-American Division covers the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico, and part of South America.

“We strive to instill in our children wonderful character building traits that will last a lifetime,” Rivera said.

The new resources were introduced to go along with Vacation Bible School programs this summer but are appropriate for children to use at home, at church, in the car, or anywhere, she said.

“The games stretch and fortify kids’ minds by helping them make quick decisions while instilling good values,” she said.

The five game apps can be downloaded for iPhones and Android phones and include:

  • “Caribe Runner,” a game is about a runner (the player) who races through an obstacle course collecting coconuts. It teaches patience.
  • “Cristal,” a game in which the player goes on a submarine mission to collect special shells. It teaches how to make good choices.
  • “Odisea Memo,” a memory game that teaches patience and perseverance.
  • “Pocket Pet Dog,” a game where the player takes care of a pet dog. It teaches responsibility and care for pets.
  • “Tree of Life,” a game where the player collects fruit and deals with making good choices.

Children also can watch five animated short stories on values. The two-minute stories showcase character traits that are good to possess and reinforce, Rivera said.

In addition, online coloring pages are available for children to draw on, as well as songs that children can play at home.

The initial reaction of children at Vacation Bible School was positive, Rivera said.

More than 300,000 children participate in the one-week programs in the division every year.

Rivera said it was important for the church to continue reinforcing Christian values and offering resources that are accessible to children.

“We must offer an alternative to what is available at their fingertips in this fast-paced world,” she said.

To find the video resources in English and Spanish, visit here.

For audio and coloring pages, visit here.

The game apps are available on the iTunes and Google Play online stores.

“Faithful” is among the new short animated films released by the Inter-American Division. Click on the "Playlist" at the top of the screen to view other films.