April 12, 2022

The Plan

The ultimate story; the original plan.

Sherilyn Johnson

He left glory with a purpose;
heaven willed that He would win
the battle for eternal ages
over wickedness and sin.

Would He vindicate His Father
from the cradle to the cross?
Near and distant worlds would witness:
He would win what Adam lost.

Timeless purpose was determined
from the lofty courts above,
and experienced in the water
by the Spirit and the dove.

He had power, He had passion,
triune Deity knew the plan.
He was humble, He was gracious,
He was God, and He was man.

He would comfort hurting people.
He would help the blind to see
that He died for every sinner,
and His death included me.

He was raised from death to glory,
conquering death was of the plan:
to love the lost, however costly,
and to restore the fallen man.

He left glory with a purpose;
heaven thrilled to watch Him win
Rights for creatures now forgiven
Because Jesus took our sin.

Thank You, Lord, for awesome power;
may I nevermore be weak.
For Your plan impels my purpose,
And as You found me, I now seek.

Sherilyn Johnson is a businesswoman living in Yakima, Washington, 38 years wedded to Michael, and very active in her local church.