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It never seemed enough.

Ramona Gennick Thompson
Photo by Andrew Moca on Unsplash

I searched for gifts that He would like;

I thought sure to gain His love.

I gave money, time, and pleasures up,

But it never seemed enough.

It seemed with each new gift I brought

The bar was raised some more.

Until one day I thought out loud,

What am I striving for?

Ribbons and bows around me lay,

Strewn like afterthoughts.

“Receive!” He said to me,

“What you seek cannot be bought.

“I AM the gift God gave to you.

I AM eternal life.

I AM the Savior that you need,

The Way, the Truth, the Life.

“In all your striving you forgot

To open up your heart.

You must receive Me, let Me in.

That’s where it all will start.

“Receive the gift I gave to you:

Salvation from your sin,

Forgiveness without limits, and

Joy and peace within.

“Receive Me every day, My friend.

Receive. Receive. Receive.

It is only through My strength and power

You can bring your gifts to Me.”

Ramona Gennick Thompson

Ramona Gennick Thompson lives in Madison, Alabama, with her husband, Wayne Thompson, and attends the Grace Fellowship Seventh-day Adventist Church.