February 29, 2024

Holy Spirit

Frank M. Hasel

You are a secret flash who makes our darkness bright, 

You turned our night of thought into a glaring light.

Your power fills the heart and mind,

And yet remains unspeakably kind.

Something divine has made things right,

We sense an extraordinary light.

You are a wonder-wind, a kind of holy breeze—

You are air of hope. You move in secret, as You please. 

You change the heart, and nothing stays the same;

For our stubbornness, You certainly are not to blame.

You open up our minds so that we truly see;

Your light reveals our sin as a reality.

You are the Holy One, a Spirit of pure fire.

You brought about God’s written Word. You did inspire!

You cleanse our hearts of every evil thought,

Transform our sinfulness, clear all in us that’s fraught.

You give the power to withstand temptation.

Fill us with joy, initiate divine salvation.

You were an active agent at Creation,

Your omnipresence is our consolation,

You move our minds, propel our thoughts and actions,

Restore our unity, we ask, heal all our fractions. 

You are the one who is the binding cord, 

Uniting us with Jesus Christ our Lord.