March 2, 2022


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New Look

I just love the new look of the Review‘s website. It is clean, airy, polished, inviting—these are the descriptions that come to mind. Well done!

Debbie Michel

Woman and Ministry

Wow. Your July edition on women and ministry was powerful and well researched, and included the beautiful artwork of South American artist Joao Luis Cardoso! But my heart is so heavy that the church I love and have been part of for 74 years is still unwilling to treat men and women equally.

Nancy Daniels Nelson

Pandemics, Vaccines, and Promises

What I find most amazing about this article is that the writer was able to look past his own beliefs regarding the vaccination and reach down to help someone in need. God is truly great, and I pray that He continues to do this work through you!

Nicolas Salomon

How Pandemic-Fatigued Churches Are Adapting To Disruption

I encourage people to focus on the positives, make use of technology to connect, be willing to adapt, and find new ways of doing church. The ones who are not adaptable, who complain about missing the good old days and also don’t take the virus seriously, are going to suffer.

Robin Hill

Two Hundred Afghan Families Visit Adventist School In England

May you all be blessed abun- dantly for comforting the afflicted and displaced folks! Imagine their fear and anxiety.

Randy Grambow

“TikTok” Grandma Grows Bible Study Ministry To Nearly 30,000 Followers

Digital media is such a powerful tool for evangelism! So impressed by this woman’s willingness to use technology to spread the gospel. God’s blessings on you abundantly, Betilda.

Connected Adventist Podcast

The Lost Teddy

Prayer is so powerful.

Reggy Ragwar Easter

Why 4,898 Is a Very Exciting Number

No more shame. Thank God for FARM STEW.

Terry Ann Finnikin

Southern Students Receive Film Award During Sundance Film Festival

Congratulations to the young people who put this together. I can only imagine all the time and effort and sacrifice this film took to make. Well done!

Pat Rodriguez Castillo

Why Do They Walk Away?

Family worship is not a smoking gun. More than half my academy classmates, plus several of my family members, have left the church. Some had family worship in their homes; some did not. All of them felt the church was out of step and did not represent their values. Most of them did not cite disagreement with doctrine, but practice. It’s time we are honest and admit that we may not understand how Gen Z operates. A Revelation Seminar isn’t going to bring those people back.

Bonnie McLean

Asteroid Gets Name of Adventist Teen in Brazil

I am proud of you, Bruna Pontes!

Patricia Wiant Ridpath

The Challenges of Politics and Faith

Very insightful article. Thank you!

Lynda Gill du Preez

New Hospital Focuses on Serving the Community Through Wholistic Care

Oh, how I wish I lived closer! I would love to be a nurse there. This is great, and what a blessing for the community.

Cynthia West

Is Science the New Spiritualism?

Yes, we need to study God’s Word more for ourselves; the truth and peace are in its pages.

Claudette Thomas

Adventist Schools in Australia Work to Increase Teacher Supply

The work is plentiful, but the workers are few. Nevertheless, God will send the right workers for the right time.

Camila Ito Skaf

Obesity "Is Not A Good Condition for Patients Having COVID-19," Doctor Says

Makes the health message extremely important.

Lester Daproza

Andrews University Receives Grant to Explore Its Institutional History

We need to hear all of the voices of the past. Not just the domi- nant voices that we have heard.

Joe Williams

In Brazil, Adventist Church Musicians Gather to Dialogue and Learn

Great! I wish something like that would happen in my country’s church.

Dani Barbosa

In Zambia, Six Adventist Young Men Clasped Hands As They Drowned

An enemy has done this. Rest, young Christian warriors. You all learned at a young age that we are our brother’s keeper and the importance of unity. Condolences to the brokenhearted families and friends; may God Himself comfort each one of you.

Gloria B. Dorsey

The Demon of Unkindness

Great read. Practicing kindness in a world of hate and anger is challenging—I’m committing myself to be compassionate and loving. Prayers are always welcome.

Barb Preas

Keep Calm and Trust God

I am thankful that no matter what issues we face in our lives, God is with us and will see us through.

Dorothy Mckinney

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