April 30, 2021


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As We Wait

I was greatly moved by the article written by Deleise Sharon Wilson in the March Adventist Review, and have read it several times.

I was a nurse for 74 years and held many positions. Every aspect of her article I have lived with many times. Now I am on the waiting list myself and waiting for the glorious coming of our Savior.

This article made me realize that what we do at this time in our lives will be an enjoyment of waiting or a time of “when will it end?” I am now very disabled, but have many people helping me that I count as a daily blessing. When I awake in the morning, I thank my Lord for giving me another day of adventure with Him and if possible sharing His love to those who come to help me.

Each day is a praise day and each waiting day is a special blessing He gives me. I am anxious to experience John 10:10, “that [I] may have life, and have it to the full” (NIV), when He comes.

Phyllis Alexander
Rapid City, South Dakota

Does God Still Part the Red Sea?

I little realized as I looked at the letter on my desk how God was going to become involved in my life. I was an Adventist chaplain in the U.S. Army. I was going to be assigned to a three-year family tour in Germany. Under other circumstances, I would have been delighted. However, I was a divorced, single parent with joint custody of my two children. I knew this assignment would be impossible for my family circumstances.

With a prayer I telephoned the Pentagon. I informed the officer I could accept a two-year family tour to Seoul, Korea. I was informed that would be impossible, but I could be assigned to a one-year tour to Korea under circumstances where it would be impossible to have family members with me.

I agreed. I left it in the hands of the Lord. The orders came. They were for a two-year family-accompanied tour to Seoul, Korea, for me as a single parent! God had done the impossible!

But God was not finished yet. God had more. During that tour I met an extraordinary woman who agreed to marry me and take on the additional responsibilities of raising my children. She was an Adventist missionary (Sharon Davis) teaching English at the Adventist university in Seoul. Earlier she had been offered a position in Fayette, where I had been living. But she turned that offer down and went to Korea instead. That timing for my remarriage [if we had met] was not right. God knew what was best.

Next month we will celebrate 35 years of marriage.

Gregory Matthews

Adventist Church Secretary G. T. Ng Announces Retirement

G. T. is a shining example of what Adventist officialdom should always be. It was an honor to know him.

James W. Zackrison

Congratulations, G. T. May God bless you in your retirement. It has been pleasant to work with you.

Joshua Marcoe

I really think we are all really going to miss G.T.’s jokes. Hopefully he’ll be back as a guest speaker from time to time.

Jeremy Vandieman

I Cried for a Year

As the parent of a young autistic daughter, I understand how isolating it can be as well as the feelings of guilt. The one thing that I have learned, and it seems confirmed in your story, is that early diagnosis and specialized education/therapy is a key to improved outcomes (along of course, with constant prayer). The truth of the matter is that the typical Adventist elementary school is not equipped for special needs children. While you were disappointed in the answer, I hope it was delivered with Christian love.

Eric Sandler

ADRA Supports the Birds and Bees Talk for Teens

One thing I believe many of these programs fall short of is a full explanation of the “adult consequences” for a single poor decision. Teens rarely think long-term and therefore don’t understand that early pregnancy is a milestone from which there is no return.

James Plumley

Things Are as They Always were

This piece is very well thought through and well-written! You captured the realities accurately. Thanks for sharing, and please know I am very proud of you. Keep shining! I’m praying for you.

Christopher Mighty

Remembering Desmond Ford (March 19, 2019)

Thanks for this reminder to stay humble. I’ve been wrong before. It is important when we know better to do better. We must be careful the way we treat those with whom we disagree. And we need to listen to one another. We can’t be so scared that we do irrational things. We can be on guard and also vigorously and courteously defend the truth.

Earle Geoffrey Greaves