September 1, 2019


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On Health

Thank you for the outstanding issue on health in the July edition. Adventists have the advantage, as Bill Knott mentioned. We have to be thankful for the counsel of Ellen White for our lifestyle. During my ministry with young people, I have often quoted Psalm 139:14: “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (KJV). I told them that people take better care of their cars than their bodies. We can leave an automobile engine working day and night for a few months and I don’t think that it will survive.

I’ve heard that our body has 60,000 miles of arteries through which eight to 10 pints of blood circulate pumped by the heart at the rate of 10 to 15 pints per minute. This heart created by God can go on from birth to 80 to 100 years, nonstop. This edition of AR should be kept to help us realize that we must take better care of God’s amazing creation.

Leo Ranzolin, Sr.
Estero, Florida

Obesity is often mentioned in many publications as a risk factor for health. Peter Landless’ article, “Wholeness in Our Brokenness” (July 2019) does not include this in his discussion of the risk factors of physical disease.

As a person who struggles to keep my weight down, and who is often struck by the prevalence of overweight leaders in the church, it puzzles me that this issue has been ignored. Granted, Landless’ focus was on the Global Health Conference and its slogan, “Your Brain, Your Body,” but it might be appropriate to increase the emphasis on weight control in all health talks.

Larry Neumann
Leominster, Massachusetts

Does God Cry?

A special thank-you to Maria Lombart for her article “Does God Cry?” (July 2019). I know the anguish and pain she has felt at times. In those moments I recall the empathy God has for us in the pain we suffer.

Allan Freed
Lacombe, Alberta, Canada

Faithful to the End

Thank you for printing “Faithful to the End,” by Karen Birney (June 2019). Reading the author’s reflections on her dad made me grateful that there are people on this earth who are truly like Jesus. Many of us have met some of them, and this article brought some of them back to mind, including my parents. Thank you for helping us see their beauty through your reflections on your dad.

Carol Serle
Chewalah, Washington

Camp Meeting Memories

For quite a few years I hit the camp meeting circuit on behalf of It Is Written, Voice of Prophecy, and other groups. I still recall one location (which now escapes me) at which a saintly fellow brought his RV to the campsite and cheerfully offered a kind of hospitality buffet night after night. I don’t remember if he had vegeburgers and lemon pie or just what, but the joy and camaraderie of that guy’s largesse was legendary on that campground. The way he opened up his wallet and gave of his free hours is, for me, the epitome of pure Christian faith in action.

David B. Smith
Highland, California

His Stewards

Thank you for the April edition of Adventist Review, which highlights the need to care for God’s earth. He gave us a job: we are His stewards.

J. Schafer
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

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