June 3, 2019


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I Have Been Disturbed

In response to the article “I Have Been Disturbed” (March 2019), I agree with the sentiment of Kenneth Wood’s editorial. There is balance. Yes, I am very much sympathetic to the letter writer to whom he responds. At the present time I see our church in the same condition, and probably in even worse circumstances.

I will give just on example. Many of our schools and academies have closed. Each succeeding generation of Adventism is losing the spirit of sacrifice. It appears that roughly one third of our membership carries the financial load. I believe that the latter rain is coming, and that about 14 classes of individuals will leave the ranks of honest believers. Prayers and best wishes.

William Zelenak
Greensboro, North Carolina

The choice of reprinting Kenneth Wood’s “I Have Been Disturbed” message from 1975 regarding the repentance and reform needed, not only by leaders but by all members, is an inspired one. Now is the time for our church to see and realize its true condition, plead with God for His cleansing of our lives, and determine to obey all His commands. His promises and foretelling are sure. All His biddings are enablings. In His strength and Word alone we will find courage and wisdom to meet what lies ahead in faithfulness and truth. Let us pray earnestly that leaders, pastors, and those at all levels of His end-time church will lean closer to Jesus and thus to each other.

Kelvin Johnson
McMinnville, Oregon

For Those Who Have Served

The recap of our church’s service to military members by Richard Stenbakken (March 2019) brought many refreshing memories of my service in the U.S. Army in Germany from 1962 to 1966.

The two years of Medical Cadet Corps (MCC) training in military courtesy and close order drill at Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) in Battle Ground, Washington, in the early 1950s gave me an excellent background and a “leg up” on others for when I was drafted as a dentist in 1962.

As a student at Walla Walla College (now WWU), and the College of Medical Evangelists (now Loma Linda University), I benefitted from a student deferment, making me ineligible for the draft until age 35. So when the Berlin Wall went up, I was one of those called to serve. My wife, Barbara, and I, with our two small sons, were privileged to be stationed near Frankfurt am Main, where the General Conference recently purchased a stately home to serve as the servicemen’s center and home of our civilian Adventist chaplain. At that time there were two other Adventist chaplains in Germany. Because our main chaplain, who served all of England, Europe, and North Africa, was often away, Barbara and I led out with assistance from other Adventist members. The annual military retreats in Bergtesgarten were especially meaningful to us service members. The time, effort, and money spent by our denomination to stay in contact with and support our members in service often came back manyfold and blessed in unexpected ways.

William Heisler
Roseville, California

Thankful for GraceNotes

Thanks for creating GraceNotes. I have downloaded them, and I am using them frequently on our Adventist radio station, Radio of Life—KTFJ 104 FM and internet radio, www.radiooflife.org. God bless you.

Donn Leiske

How to Respond?

Thank you so much for the article “Adverse Childhood Experiences, Mental Health, and the Adventist Church” (AR Online). I wholeheartedly agree. We need to educate our church, including our pastors, about how to help people suffering with depression, grief, anxiety, and other emotional illnesses.

People are afraid of mental illness. Many think if you have these diseases you somehow have less faith than others. They fail to see how it is a multi-faceted disease with physical factors. I hope we can make this a priority, because depression is on the rise, even impacting children and teens. God bless you for speaking up.

Sue Gilmore
Via Web

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