March 1, 2018


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Anthony Medley’s timely article, “She’s Your Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife” (January 2018), speaks to our unbalanced view of justice and mercy. We tend to want justice for others, but mercy for ourselves.

In his closing paragraph Medley reminds us that at the cross, Jesus took justice upon Himself so that He could plead for mercy on us. By God’s grace and the power of the Holy Spirit, may we come ever closer to following our Perfect Example.

James Coleman
Smithfield, North Carolina

Outstanding Issue

The January 2018 issue was outstanding. I’ve read the
Review most of my life. My parents got it when I was a kid (I’m now 85), and I am so glad “real” life issues are being addressed more. I volunteered for a domestic violence agency some time ago and learned a lot. But human trafficking is rather new to me and much more horrific. I think the Review should continue to put more information out in terms of educating people in more detail of how to protect children. Most of all, address why there is pornography found among us. Find a way to prevent men from going down this road. God bless all of you who write—there are so many I enjoy!

Edna Mason
Merced, California

Faith on Facebook

I agree with Jimmy Phillips that we Adventists are blessed with “special biblical insight” regarding the controversy between God and Satan, as he wrote in “Faith on Facebook” (December 2017). We have an obligation to share, whenever we can, what God is really like, and why there is so much suffering and evil.

I love being an Adventist, and I am so thankful to be a second-generation Adventist because my mother listened to the melodious voice of H.M.S. Richards on the
Voice of Prophecy. This is how I know what God is really like: a loving, caring Father.

We are called Seventh-day Adventists because Jesus is returning soon and will end all the evil that Satan causes. We Adventists need to keep fresh in our minds the controversy between Christ and Satan. We can do this by two methods. First is the study of the Sabbath School lessons, which frequently deal with this battle between good and evil. Second, we can stay abreast by reading the “good old
Review,” which I would not be without.

Connie Mitchell
Takoma Park, Maryland


Thanks for so many great articles month by month. What a powerful article Andy Nash wrote, “Sola” (November 2017).

I was a “sola” pastor, hopping around Scripture for the first 10 years of ministry. The Holy Spirit laid His hand on me, graciously prodding me to be a
sola scriptura pastor. What a joyful experience as I began studying the four Gospels. By God’s grace I became a “Jesus at the cross” Adventist pastor. I began letting the light streaming from the cross of Jesus shine on every teaching of Scripture. This gave such rich, and sometimes modified, meaning to all lesser or equal teaching of Scripture.

Thank you again for such rich articles.

Fred Speyer
Cool, California

How Is Your Bible Marked?

This article was spot-on (November 2017). Our doctrines are important, but so many times we put the emphasis on the wrong syllable.

Dixie Strong
Moore, South Carolina

Music of the Incarnation

Thanks for the articles refocusing on music, and emphasis on what Christmas is all about (December 2017).

What a paradox to the secularized “holiday,” as it is called today. Christmas cards, music on the radio, television programs, shopping, gifts, rarely mention Jesus as the greatest gift of them all—the true theme of Christmas.

Jesus did not aspire for jewelry because He was the pearl of great price. Jesus did not have a cell phone, but He talked to His Father daily. What a contrast for those who have changed the meaning of Christmas.

May the world never forget the “silent night” when it stopped to receive the Savior, born in a manger, who today is preparing mansions for us.

Leo Ranzolin, Sr.
Estero, Florida

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