December 6, 2015


Malamulo (Hospital) Turns 100

I loved the story “Malamulo Turns 100” (November 2015). I was born in that hospital in 1951. (My father, Richard E. Jackson, was the principal and a teacher at the school.) My mom told me it was late at night and the electricity had failed, so I was born by the light of lanterns.

Brenda Jackson Muth
Paradise, California

I shed a tear of joy because I am so proud of my grandmother, Lisnett Chipyoza. She is such an awesome woman, always was, and still is, hardworking. Not only is she the longest-serving staff member, but she and four other colleagues were the first Malawian women to graduate as midwives. I’m extremely proud of my grandmother—109 and going strong!

Micah Lydia Siliya-Dandaula
via e-mail

Church Entities Asked to Respect Ordination Vote

I am writing about Andrew McChesney’s article “Church Entities Asked to Respect Ordination Vote” (November 2015). I have long believed that given the current General Conference policy we should just “commission” everyone—and I have advocated that male pastors request a commissioned license from their conference.

I have chosen to carry a commissioned license for most of the past 16 years, and it has not affected my pastoral work in any way, proving (at least to me) that the difference between “ordained” and “commissioned” is essentially a mirage. Yes, I am aware of the three “restrictions” for those “only” commissioned. But none of us pastors organize or disband churches, we ordain our deacons and elders anyway, and there would be a number of ways to work around the conference president restrictions if there were no “ordained” persons in the conference to fill the position.

Gary Venden
Phoenix, Arizona

The idea that ordination matters this much to some concerns me more than what we decide about it.

Lonnie-Melanie Wibberding
Puyallup, Washington

An Evangelist Who Made Christ First

I am writing in regard to Andrew McChesney’s article “An Evangelist Who Made Christ First” (November 2015). I met William C. Pergerson II in 2005 when I was 17. I never imagined that anyone would truly love me based on my past mistakes. But as I shared with Pergerson and his wife where I had come from and my present situation, they seemed to love me more. Pergerson became a father figure to me; he was the dad I used to wish for when I cried alone in my room. Because of past trauma I could not relate to God as a God of love. I viewed Him and believed that He was just like every other man—and that He could not love me as I was.

As I spent more time with the Pergersons, I saw through them what Jesus must look like, because they were so much like Christ. A turning point came when I was at my lowest point: I was suicidal, in a psych ward, and expecting a baby. Pergerson asked if I wanted to come and live with them, and raise my child in a positive environment. . . . If it were not for the love of God toward me, a sinner, I could not begin to imagine the story of my life.

I am forever grateful for what this family did for me; I was able to tell Pastor Pergerson in June last year that I love them with an everlasting love.

Sherrie Bell
Cooney Rapids, Minnesota

Last year Pastor Pergerson held an evangelistic rally in Syracuse, New York. During that time my son was very ill, and Pergerson often took time out to comfort him with words of Scripture. Many months later he called back to see how he was doing. Pergerson truly cared for people. He was quiet and unassuming, but strong in his convictions. He will be missed. Looking forward to seeing him in the resurrection.

Stanley Dixon
Syracuse, New York

On Pergerson: “He taught our distinctive doctrines drenched in Christ and His righteousness,” his wife said. “Every night was Jesus and how those doctrines fit into Jesus.”

My favorite sentences in the article. I wish I could have heard him preach.

Thomas Hardy
Nashville, Tennessee

Letters From Young Readers

As we have annually for several years, we recently received an envelope of letters from young readers at the Niles Adventist School in Michigan. Below are their letters.—Editors.

I am writing to tell you how outstanding Dixil Rodríguez’s article “Week in Progress” (September 2015) is. Her column is my favorite section in the entire Adventist Review.

It is amazing to know how awesome God is and that He has great plans for all of us, including “Steve’s” family. I am looking forward to reading more of Rodríguez’s stories in the future.


I read Kimberly Luste Maran’s article “Young Adventists Hug the City” (July 9, 2015). What they are doing is awesome, and they should keep doing their ministry. It is a real blessing because people need a good hug these days. Hugs are meant to be given as often and freely as God’s love. Right now I want to give those young adults a big hug of encouragement!


Thank you, Andy Nash, for not giving up on students who say “no” in your article about salvation (see “Young Adventists and Salvation,” June 2015). We admire your concern at Niles Adventist School. We hope you change their minds and are able to teach them more about God.


I was truly inspired after reading Andrew McChesney’s article “Legally Blind but a Vision for Service” (June 2015). Miriam Sunmee Yun-Welch’s story is inspiring. After learning that she was blind and that still wouldn’t give upon graduating from the Sahmyook University, I was impressed with and happy for her. What I find most fascinating about this article is how she kept church before everything, and how she wants other women to be more involved with church and God. Thank you for sharing this story.


Old Reviews New Again

I recently decided to renew the art of canning my homegrown vegetables. I found a box of canning jars that had been unopened for 20 years in my garage. I was overjoyed to find that I had packed the jars securely with old Review magazines. So while I waited for my jars to sterilize, I enjoyed articles from editors long retired, and authors of long ago. You know what I discovered? The Review is never outdated; and its articles are forever good! I know you don’t hear it enough, but thank you for guidance in my spiritual journey. Thank you for a journal of excellence!

Crystal Earnhardt
Hendersonville, North Carolina

Your Turn

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