September 30, 2015


Design Appreciation

Both the regular Review magazine (August 2015) and the eight General Conference Bulletins arrived around the last week of August. Designer Bryan Gray did a masterful job on the redesign of the Review. We are fortunate to have him.

Stephen Hall
Frederick, Maryland

More Bulletins, Please!

I have been reading the
Adventist Review for years and really enjoy it. Thank you!

Shortly before the 2015 GC Session started I received the Supplement magazine and then Bulletin 1. But sadly that was all. I was looking forward to reading the others: did I have to do something this time to receive them, or did they get lost in the mail?

Elke Tanner
via e-mail

A postal issue delayed the mailing of the GC Bulletins, which have been sent in bundles to our subscribers.—Editors.

Many Thanks

Many thanks for the Review’s extensive coverage of the 2015 General Conference session. I can only imagine the hours and hours of work, writing, and wishing for more sleep!

Bill Knott’s daily live video report was an enjoyable surprise. He’s a natural, though.

I’m looking forward to reading the printed bulletins.

Ruth Wright
Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Bill and Jill

I attended the first weekend of the GC session. It was glorious! The preaching, the music, the fact that all these people believe as I do and knew the words to the hymns, was so inspiring!

When I returned home, I missed GC so much that I hunted until I found the proceedings on my iPad. We do not get Hope [Channel] TV or 3ABN on our TV, so this was a new viewing experience for us. My husband and I sat together each evening and watched “Night Light”—and so enjoyed it. Bill Knott and Jill Morikone gave such detailed summaries—and both appeared so happy—that we found it a most pleasant way to precede sleep.

Thank you for all you do at the Review and at the GC.

Irene Dennison Herr
Keene, Texas

No Change to Current Policy

In Andrew McChesney’s article “GC President Says Ordination Vote Doesn’t Change Current Policy” (August 2015) Ted. N. C. Wilson is correct when he says that church policy remains unchanged after the July 8 vote on women’s ordination. No action of the church has ever changed the policy on women’s ordination.

The official policy of our church regarding ordaining women is exactly the same as our official policy regarding ordaining left-handed people—no official policy.

David Patterson
Ooltewah, Tennessee

Two Firsts for Deaf Ministries at GC Session

My thanks to Sandra Blackmer for her excellent article “Two Firsts for Deaf Ministries at GC Session” (July 11, 2015). It is so wonderful to see progress, but there is so much more to do for the Deaf around the world. Surely Christ will not come until the Deaf also have the opportunity to hear the gospel as given in the three angels’ messages.

When we see that 98 percent of our churches have nothing for those who are deaf, it means that we have a long way to go to reach them in their more than 200 different sign languages around the world.

Our Jehovah’s Witness friends have signed DVD materials in more than 60 sign languages, and we Adventists have perhaps six! They also have one of the most organized systems of reaching the Deaf of any religious organization, and have included the Deaf in their chosen mandate to share their message around the world. We need God’s special help to meet our challenge!

John Blake
Clive, Alberta, Canada

An Appeal for Unity

I’m writing in regard to the women’s ordination vote report (see Andrew McChesney and Marcos Paseggi’s article “Church President Appeals to Members to Unite in the Church’s Mission,” July 9, 2015). The decision has been voted. As reflected in the article, let no one think in terms of winners or losers. Let’s see ourselves as one in Christ. For those who feel hurt or perplexed, I pray for the Lord to assure and comfort them.

How large an issue will women’s ordination continue to be? As big as we continue to make it. The Lord is well aware of all that goes on among His church family.

“When Peter saw him, he asked, ‘Lord, what about him?’ Jesus answered, ‘If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me’ ” (John 21:21, 22). We all need to follow Jesus and to pray, “Please, God, reveal Your Son in me.”

David Manzano
Harriman, Tennessee

Selfie Fun?

I’m writing in regard to the “Selfie Fun” article in the June 2015 KidsView, which asks children to send in photos of themselves. Do selfies feed Christ’s nature in us or the natural nature we are born with? If not Christ’s nature, why should we then encourage our children to take them?

Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 6:12: “All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any” (NKJV).

Jim Garber
Dayton Ohio

Give Up Your Dreams

Great article by Andy Nash in May 2015 Review (see “Give Up Your Dreams”). The seemingly constant appeal to “follow your heart” neglects to take into consideration that “the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked” (Jer. 17:9, KJV). I testify that God has provided way more satisfaction and fulfillment than I ever could have gained in following my own plans.

Bill Krick
Clovis, California

Large-print Edition?

I have just finished reading the first “new” monthly Adventist Review (April 2015), and I enjoyed the relevant and interesting articles. I pray that they will find a keen interest among the 25- to 40-year-olds.

I have one question, the answer to which might be of interest to a significant number of readers: Where can I obtain the “large-print edition”?

Meanwhile, as the Review used to say to the younger readers: keep on trumpeting the good news.

Philip Anderson
Watford, England

We are currently exploring options for both enhanced viewing of the magazine for AR readers, as well as an audio podcast of the entire edition each month.—Editors

Thank you for making the agenda and schedule available ahead of time. I’m especially happy that the mission emphasis on the last Sabbath steered clear of patriotic pride. In Atlanta in 2010 it was easy for me to get caught up in the pride of achievement and pride of nationality.

Gordon Jura, via e-mail

Your Turn

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In our September edition featuring North American Colleges and Universities, Pacific Union College was listed as having 25% of their student body in the dorms and 75% as community students. This is incorrect. It should have read: 75% dorm and 25% community. We apologize for this mistake and regret any confusion this may have caused.—Editors