September 4, 2015

Give & Take


We asked our Facebook friends what they thought Jesus might tweet. Some didn’t think He’d tweet at all, but here are a few helpful and clever responses:

Jesus would tweet “Fear not” every day! 366 fear not’s—one for the leap day, too. —Sylvia Appakudom.

“I am with you till the end of time.” —Eke-tsano Nhiwatiwa.

“Follow Me, and I will make you followers of My Father.” —Eileen Whyte.

“Come to heaven to Me.” —Jessy Jiheng.

“Am coming soon; this is not a threat, but a promise.” —Samuel Mwangi.

“Am available 24/7 if you need Me.” —L. Pofaiva Fotu-Fonua.

“Follow Me; I will lead the way with love.” —Marie Jooste.

“Coming!” —Ruth Acevedo.


My son, age 6, is a budding missiologist. After a recent trip he said to me, “Dad, I have an idea. I think I know how we can share Jesus. Let’s learn everything about others, except worshipping idols. Then let’s learn the language. Then let’s translate the Bible for them so that we can share with them about Jesus.”

—Michael W. Campbell, Silang, Cavite, Philippines

“The world would be a different place without you; and it must be a different place because of you.”

Larry Blackmer, May 11, 2015, commencement address at Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee


61 1The first camp meeting of the Seventh-day Adventist Church was held September 1-6, 1868, in Wright, Michigan. On the editorial page of the August 18, 1868 Review, prospective attendees were told that the meeting’s purpose was not “recreation and vanity.” Preachers and people, and the unconverted, were invited for meetings that would help all seek God and become converted.

Directions were given to the campground, on the farm of E. H. Root, with a grove that would seat 3,000. Instructions on how to make a simple tent were printed in that same Review. The first meeting on Tuesday morning was designated for prayer (Ellen White spoke for the “keynote address” that evening). The meetings were held in a natural amphitheater, with the attendees assembled under sugar maple trees facing the speakers’ stand.

The Wright camp meeting was so successful that plans were laid, before it even concluded, for two more that fall: Illinois in September, and Iowa in October.

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