July 10, 2015

Our 10 Favorite Quotes From the 2015 GC Session

10“These people [Adventist Review staff] must be up all night long, and I would like to go on record that we appreciate what they’re doing.”
—Gerry Karst, retired General Conference vice president and delegate

9“Women, we love you!” 
—Bruno Vertallier, Inter-European Division delegate, retiring division president

8“If the first six days were not literal days, why do we rest on the literal seventh day?” 
—James Standish, South Pacific Division delegate

7“There is no loneliness where Jesus is.”
—Mathilde Frey,
GC devotional speaker, former Old Testament professor at the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies

6“There is such a large crowd here that the treasurers are wondering whether they can take up an offering.” 
—Michael L. Ryan, retiring general vice president, General Conference

5(TIE) “I’d like to refer this back to committee.”
—Multiple delegates speaking to the chair during business sessions

5(TIE) “Point of order.”
—Multiple delegates speaking to the chair during business sessions

4“Put down your measuring tape and lift up Jesus.” 
—Raewyn Hankins, Impact San Antonio speaker and pastor of the Victorville Adventist Church in California

3“Arise, Shine, Jesus is Coming—I believe soon.”
—Ted N.C. Wilson, General Conference president

2“The world is dying of hunger and we are sitting on bread, talking about who can distribute it.” 
—Artur A. Stele, general vice president, General Conference

1“It is possible to be a strict vegetarian and act like a pig!”
—Gary Krause, director, Adventist Mission