June 22, 2010

Adventist University of Africa

Five Years of Admissions and GraduationsThe vision of Adventist University of Africa (AUA) is to be one of the continent’s best universities, fostering the highest standards of postgraduate education in Africa, and advancing knowledge and professional skills in a wholistic context. The mission of the university is to deliver balanced, dynamic postgraduate education in a Christian context. We strive to prepare graduates to provide competent leadership and service based on integrity, respect, and love to church and society.

Our Accomplishments

The journey thus far has not been smooth, yet AUA has every reason to thank God for His grace and guidance in all its undertakings. As we look back we can see His hand guiding our feeble human hands and blessing our efforts toward realizing the purpose for the establishment of the university. AUA has witnessed tremendous growth and accomplishments during the past five years. Physically the university was able to complete a three-floor library building with an auditorium, as well as hosting an Ellen G. White Estate branch office and providing temporary faculty offices and lecture halls.

Further, during this quinquennium 10 faculty-housing units and three blocks of four-floor student apartments have been built.

The granting of a charter by the government of Kenya was another remarkable achievement. This made AUA a full-fledged postgraduate private university. The university also witnessed several successful accreditation visits by the Commission for University Education (the government of Kenya’s accrediting agency for higher learning) and the Adventist Accrediting Association (AAA) and International Board of Education.

AUA has been on the forefront of mission for the church. Several Spirit of Prophecy seminars have been organized across the East-Central Africa Division by the university, in collaboration with the White Estate branch office. Our students, led by the university chaplain, have distributed copies of
The Great Hope in surrounding villages and towns. Our faculty members have been involved in public evangelism, camp meetings, outreach and nurture activities, AAA accreditation visits, etc.

One landmark accomplishment of the university is the number of trained leaders it has turned out to the workforce of the church. During the past five years the university has graduated 348, who are serving the Seventh-day Adventist Church in various capacities on the continent. New programs have also been added and new faculty members hired. The addition of new programs has increased the university’s admissions (see figure). There was no admission for 2011 and 2012 because of the cohort system run by the university. Within the current school year, 2015, the university’s admission stands at 649. The university runs numerous programs under two schools: the Theological Seminary and the School of Postgraduate Studies.

Opportunities and Challenges

There is a remarkable growth in church membership on the continent of Africa, with the youth comprising the majority of this growth. If this growth is sustained, there will be a critical need for service and leadership for the church. The Adventist University of Africa, with the status attained now on the continent, has the singular advantage of training and providing leaders in all spheres for church ministry and leadership. AUA has an opportunity for growth and expansion for service to the church and society.

The first and foremost challenge of the university is to increase the number of full-time faculty members. The university also needs to expand housing for students and lecture halls.

Projects and the Future

AUA is undertaking the following projects: one block four-story student apartment building, one eight-unit faculty apartment’s building, and a multipurpose three-story Health Sciences building.

The faculty, administration, staff, and students of AUA strive to demonstrate commitment to the university’s mission, educational philosophy, and goals; and adherence to the beliefs, fundamental values, and lifestyle of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Moreover, the spiritual growth, service, and witness of each member of the AUA community will be fostered through integration of faith, learning, and personal living. This will help make AUA the preferred Christian postgraduate university and a center of influence for mission in Africa.