May 5, 2015


May isn’t the only time we appreciate mothers. But we often don’t tell them how much they mean to us. Here is a sampling of the comments we received when we asked: “What do you appreciate about a mother figure in your life?”—Editors.

My dear mother, all five feet two inches of her, is spectacular in every way. She’s my number one fan, my best friend, and my source of advice for almost 30 years! From her I’ve learned life lessons of patience, grace, loyalty, and, of course, what true love is.

I thank her for being the role model she will continue to be. I thank her for showing me what a true woman of God is. I thank God every day that He chose her to be my mother.

A’Lisa Lashley

I am so thankful for my mom, a source of godly guidance in my life. She has been a sounding board for decisions, an encourager when things are rough, and a friend when I need someone just to share life’s excitements. Now I have two moms. With her three boys, I’m my mother-in-law’s only daughter. She is also an encourager and friend. I will soon be a mother, and I’m grateful that God has provided me two role models to give me guidance on how to be a mother. Thank you, Moms, for all you have done for me!

Amy Moreno

God talks to my mother. He talks to her in what she reads in the Bible. He talks to her in her dreams. Every day she tells me how God helps her make decisions about what she is doing and planning. I see her relationship with her God influence her actions and priorities. Her peace in times of trial and genuine conviction gives me reason to believe. Watching her makes me aspire to the closeness I see she has with her God.

Sandy Mattison

Three children could never be so blessed to have a mother like Donna Jackson; her unwavering love for us was and is steadfast and boundless! Our mother does not do things halfway; she puts 120 percent of all she has into everything she does, be it completing a four-year degree in just three years, finding and cleaning the wounds of street children in Mogadishu, or researching health conditions of her mother and father when they became ill. Our mother gives tirelessly, loves tirelessly, and inspires us to be all we can be. We love you, Mom.

Dena, Lara, and Danny

To my mother, Valerie Combie, who models the way of the Lord, inspires Christ’s shared vision, enables others to act by her spiritual walk, and encourages the heart as a prayer warrior. Dad and I are so thankful for you—a Bible scholar, master professor, author, counselor, sister, wife, mother, and child of God—and humbled by your daily spiritual walk, which inspires us to delve deeper in our spiritual relationships to grow in God’s grace. Mom, may God continue to bless you abundantly now and always. Thank you for never giving up on us. Happy Mother’s Day!


My mom, Tiney Williamson, has always been there for me through everything, and I do mean every crazy thing that has happened in my life. Even when she should have said, ”Forget it, she’s on her own,” she did whatever she could for me. She is always the first person I call when I need support and prayer. I love her to pieces, and I continue to pray for her as I know she continues to pray for me.

Lori Anne R. Williamson

Mom has the most beautiful sea-green eyes ever. She’s small with a big heart. I remember her singing, “I’m only four foot 11, but I’m going to heaven, and it makes me feel 10 feet tall!”

Mom is a spiritual giant—a single mom in her late 20s who raised my brother and me. She trusted completely in the Lord and made sure we had just what we needed, even if that meant me wearing boys’ clothing so I could hand it down to my little brother.

Mom taught me about life, gave me an appreciation for different cultures, and taught me to love and serve those in need.

Melanie Mapp Cruz

The greatest parts of existence—praying, churchgoing, learning, eating, walking, breathing—I owe to my mother. This isn’t just biology; this is life (an important distinction). Since day one of personhood, I observed godliness in action in the form of a mother who believes that “God is love” and strives to attain a similar identity. She loves quietly. Laundry is mysteriously clean. Prayers are offered in

secret. One phone call brings her hundreds of miles to a hospital where I am ill. Whether she eats or drinks, or whatever she does, she does it all for the glory of God.

Andy Blosser

Letnie Artrecia James- English—“Lets,” as we fondly called her—was remarkable, private, sensitive, and often misunderstood. She aimed high and reveled in service to God. She was her biggest critic in her determined quest for perfection. One of her earliest proverbs was “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might” (Eccl. 9:10, KJV).

Mom was our avid supporter and resolute pusher; prayer was her sustainer, and God’s promises her assurance. She was on her knees several times during the day. She dared to challenge God, because God had promised to prepare her for His eternal kingdom. And He did.

Alyene English, Nedra English, and Wanda English-Joefield

A mother is a woman who, through biological means and the circle of life, bore a child. But a mom—now that’s Ruth Ali, who endured three C-sections for me one April 18, who shed tears when I cried, worked tirelessly to put clothes on my back, and paid for an education I can use to stand on my own two feet. After 28 years of being taught how to walk, I have Ruth Ali to thank. She’s not just a mother. She’s my mom. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

Renée Ali

To Guilhermina Silva, As I write, I find myself crying, crying tears of gratitude for the mother God gave me, a mom whose beautiful smile has always shown me the love of God. Her words of counsel and encouragement, bathed in prayer, always communicated divine wisdom, faith, and love. Her courage to seek the truth and follow it with all her heart not only led us to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, but also brought Jesus into our home and into our lives, as her prayers continue to do today. Indeed, I rise up and call you blessed! I love you, Mom!

Sandra Silver Deer