March 16, 2015


“The eyes of the Lord are everywhere” (Prov. 15:3).

Does this text bring fear to your heart? Does it convey a God who sits above the earth with intensely focused eagle eyes so as to catch you off guard in a moment of weakness? This worry seems to be justified by the rest of the verse, which says He is “keeping watch on the wicked and the good.”

My wife and I recently enjoyed a walk on a beach in Florida. Although the sunshine was warm, the water was cold. There were warning signs of riptides. I noticed a stingray or two washed up on the beach. Windsurfers were jumping the waves at breakneck speed. Yet in spite of the dangerous environment, a number of children were playing along the beach.

Then I noticed something else: Moms were sitting close by, with eagle eyes watching every move of their children. If a child got toppled by a wave, or started to wander off, or got into a fight with a friend, a mom was right there to rectify the situation in case a judge was needed to settle a dispute. The moms were rejoicing in the fun and pleasure their children were generating.

Maybe God’s seeing eye is not so dreadful after all. God is intensely interested in us. He is there to guide our footsteps, to pick us up when we fall, to bring reconciliation when a wrong has been committed. I am glad that God sees the injustices, and that we are safe in His hands.

God created us for fellowship. Christ came that our joy might be full (see John 15:11). He rejoices every time we turn to Him (see Luke 15:7). Just as those moms took pleasure in watching their children, so God takes pleasure in watching us.