March 16, 2015

Give & Take

Adventist Life

My neighbor babysits her two grandchildren, Caleb, 7 (very serious for his age), and Juliana, 5 (vivacious and a bit mischievous). Their parents are both busy physicians in the Fort Worth area. My neighbor periodically brings them to my home. I enjoy visiting with these two bright kids.

One day she shared with me an experience that took place that morning as they were studying the children’s Sabbath school lesson. The general topic was Creation and, more specifically, the creation of Adam and Eve. Suddenly Caleb blurted out to his sister, “You have to listen to me because I was created first.”

Without a moment’s hesitation Juliana replied, “But you were created from mud; I was created from bone.” That brought an end to the study of Creation, mainly because Grandma had to run to the kitchen to laugh quietly and unseen.

—Laurice Kafrouni Durrant, Keene, Texas

My Prayer for the Church

My prayer for the Adventist Church is first, that we as a people remain faithful to our call of spreading the three angels’ messages to the world; second, that central to the proclamation, my prayer is that we be willing to give ourselves for the good of others and ask nothing in return, as did Jesus. May God grant us the grace to do these two things.

—Clifford Goldstein, editor, Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide; columnist, Adventist Review

Dear Heavenly Father, In mercy and love, look upon Your church. Reform, renew, and refresh Your people. Send the Holy Spirit to increase our burden for the lost. Help us be channels of Your unfailing and unchanging love to those who are struggling in the turbulence and turmoil of the world around us as they seek to make sense of life. Help us to lift our Savior up so that He can draw all people to Himself, allowing us to experience the joy of salvation now and a future in heaven with You. These mercies we ask in His blessed name.

—Audrey E. Andersson, executive secretary, Trans-European Division

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“The path to a changed life is a changed mind.”

—Pastor Andrew Abbott, Spokane Valley, Washington

Let's Pray

Have a prayer need? Have a few free minutes? Each Wednesday morning at 8:15 EDT the Adventist Review staff meets to pray for people—children, parents, friends, coworkers. Send your prayer requests and, if possible, pray with us on Wednesday mornings. Send requests to: Let’s Pray, Adventist Review, 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904-6600; fax: 301-680-6638; e-mail: [email protected].