March 9, 2015

GLOW Stories

22 1 1 8Giving Light to Our World—GLOW—is an outreach initiative in multiple North American Division conferences based on the concept of church members carrying Adventist literature with them wherever they go and handing it out—free of charge—at every opportunity. Here are two short stories of lives touched by GLOW:

Story 1

Twelve-year-old Elizabeth was downtown in a large city with her mother when she spotted a homeless woman asking passersby for money. With her mom’s permission, Elizabeth gave the woman $2 wrapped in a GLOW tract. Elizabeth saw the woman put the money into her pocket, then read and reread the tract. To Elizabeth’s delight, the woman began stopping people, not to ask for money but to read to them from the tract. God richly rewarded this little girl’s gift and faith.

Story 2

A church member in Montana found a driver’s license lying in a parking lot. She mailed the driver’s license along with some GLOW tracts to the owner. “I’ve heard back from him, and he loved the pamphlets!” the woman reported at church soon after. “He said that the tracts answered a lot of his questions and that he wants to know more.”

Stories compiled by Pacific Union Conference GLOW director Nelson Ernst. To learn more about GLOW, go to To watch video GLOW testimonies, go to