September 11, 2014


The sight was ungainly yet breathtaking. Literally! I struggled to maintain my composure as I entered the cluttered and messy hallway of a four-bedroom colonial, less than 14 years old, that had looked so inviting and tidy from the outside. I had agreed to help a friend complete the obligatory home inspection preceding the closing of a house sale, but had not been prepared for what I saw.

The owner of the house had invited us cordially into her home. Once we had entered, however, movement became problematic. There was just too much “stuff” around. Narrow pathways criss-crossed the entire house, allowing little movement. Before you jump to wrong conclusions: most of the “stuff” was not junk or trash. It was just too much—some never opened, or barely used. Expensive clothing competed for space with DVDs, electronic gadgets, or toys. How will she ever get this out of here in two weeks? I wondered.

How much clutter do we carry along as we anticipate the greatest event history has ever witnessed? How much “stuff” makes your journey difficult and stifles your ability to serve the Creator of the universe as His hands and feet on earth? How many “things” keep me boxed in and busy and occupied and distract me from what really counts? You know, the things that Jesus was passionate about: love for the Father and our neighbor (Matt. 22:37-40); unselfish service to those who cannot serve themselves (Matt. 25:31-45); uncompromising commitment and crystal-clear priorities (Matt. 6:33); and, covering everything, love that will not fail the unlovable (1 Cor. 13).

I see a lot of clutter in my life. Not all is bad or messy. And yet it keeps me distracted from focusing on what really counts. I think it’s time to declutter—radically.