August 21, 2014

Give & Take

Adventist Life

At the end of a visit with a young couple at the Planned Giving and Trust Services Department in the Oregon Conference office, the couple asked how to get to another department in the building. Rather than attempting to give directions, I offered to take them there. As we walked along with their two small children, I asked the 4-year-old girl if she would like to go up the stairs or ride the elevator. Maybe she thought she was at Disneyland, because she answered, “Ride the alligator!”

—Glen G. Gessel, Gaston, Oregon

Camp Meeting Memories

In 1978 I was at the Arizona camp meeting with my grandma, Viva Roby. I made a friend, Rodney Vance, and sang a couple of duets with him. It was a real blessing to have made such a friend, and I also had a wonderful time with my grandma.

—Joyce Mc Dougal, Dallas, Texas

The best memory I have is my first camp meeting at Tonota, with my mom and dad. They have both passed on, but I’ll have this memory forever. I was raised to fear the Almighty and to know that He is the beginning and the end, and for that I will always remember my parents.

—Boitshepo Lampi Mokgadi, Botswana

Sound Bite

“Life shapes us, but God reclaims us.”13 1 4 0

—Pastor Mike Speegle, June 21, 2014, at the New Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church, Fulton, Maryland

“Humility and pride will not fit in the same box.”

—Earle Bearce, during Sabbath school at the Tollgate Seventh-day Adventist Church, West Virginia

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