September 26, 2012


“Every church can be a community health center.”—Dr. Peter Landless.

If you have a product to sell—or a truth to tell—you quickly discover your need of a distribution system to communicate with the public you want to reach. Even in today’s globalized economy, in which products, services, and messages move instantly to remote regions, every successful organization requires local distribution centers that can “deliver the goods” while searching men and women are still interested.

It will require some reimagining for many of us to understand that the Seventh-day Adventist Church now represents one of the most highly effective global delivery systems in human history for high-quality health and lifestyle information. With 70,000 “distribution centers” (local congregations) spread through more than 200 nations, augmented by tens of thousands of less formally organized groups, the reach and influence of Adventist messaging about healthy lifestyle is the envy of the world’s major public health organizations, some of whom are eager to partner with us to improve nutrition, combat lifestyle disease, and give millions proven paths out of addictive behaviors. In His providence God has raised up a movement—and a delivery system—to help the world’s 7 billion people find the abundant life that has been promised in Christ Jesus.

As you read this special 64-page edition of the Adventist Review—itself the result of the remarkable partnership our editorial team shares with the Health Ministries Department of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists—don’t let the pages of world-class information and lifestyle advice stop with you. You too are part of that God-designed delivery system, uniquely positioned to share proven, practical, life-enriching information with the hundreds of people in your personal network—in your home, in your neighborhood, in your city, through your social media connections. In His wisdom God has put this special issue in your hands for purposes only the kingdom will one day reveal.

Read it—and share!