June 23, 2014

Give & Take

Adventist Life

At a recent fellowship dinner 5-year-old Tommy was excited about what he had just learned from the Bible. He asked everyone, “Can I tell you a Bible story?”

With his audience assembled he proceeded to tell the story of Pharaoh, the flight of the Israelites, and so on. When he reached his grand conclusion, Tommy asked, “And what’s the name of the box where God kept the Ten Commandments?”

Someone said, “You mean the ark of the covenant?”

“Yes,” Tommy replied. “That’s it—the ark of the government.”

—Bob Halstead, Homosassa, Florida

Sound Bite

“We need both microwave and Crock-Pot style evangelism.”

—Pastor Randy Maxwell,
at the Kuna Seventh-day Adventist Church in Idaho

Jots & Tittles

I’ve read the Bible chronologically. I’ve also done it by reading each chapter in three different versions. I even read the Bible along with Ellen G. White’s Conflict Series, which really gave insight.13 1 9 4

I then tried to read the Bible straight through, but when I got to Leviticus, I got bogged down. About that time I remember reading an article in the Review about a Korean man who has copied the Scriptures. I also attended a camp meeting workshop that convinced me that Leviticus could be interesting. So I got a supply of spiral college-ruled notebooks and started out praying for understanding as I’d copy a verse, look up the cross-references, and reflect on what that verse could mean for me as well as the subject mentioned. It was a slow-going process, but the further I went, the more fascinating it became.

After a couple months I realized I would never get to the New Testament (I am 80 years old), and I wanted to go through Jesus’ life, so I started a second notebook with Matthew. Now I copy a few paragraphs in the Old Testament, then switch over to the New Testament, going back and forth.

This study has changed my life! I have found a wonderful Friend who grows more precious to me every day. An inner peace has taken over my life—and made such a difference when the problems of life assault me. I recommend that others give this a try!

—Betty Phillips, Pasco, Washington

Let's Pray

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