April 21, 2014

Cover Feature | Hymns

First Place
Lord, We Come Unto Your Table with refrain

Suggested Tunes: The with refrain pattern fits many tunes in the current Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal.
The two I like best are:
No. 343, “I Will Sing of My Redeemer”—tune by James McGranahan
No. 334, “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing”—NETTLETON

This hymn text is based on the several occasions Jesus set or shall set a table for His friends: (1) the feeding of the 5,000; (2) the upper room; (3) the Emmaus incident; and (4) the future feast in the Paradise of God. Scripture references are noted.

1. On a hillside in the sunlight,
Christ, our Lord, took bread and fish.
As He prayed up to the heavens,
Thousands ate from just one dish.


Lord, we come unto Your table.
To the Bread and to the Wine.
You’re the one for whom we hunger.
Quench our thirst with life divine.

2. On the night He was arrested;
Christ, our Lord, took bread and wine.2
“I am Bread of Life forever.
Think of Me when e’er you dine.”3

3. In a room with sad Cleopas
Christ, our Lord, broke bread again.
They thought Hope was dead and buried.
Then their Guest, He said, “Amen.”4

4. When we gather in the heavens,
Christ, our Lord, will serve a feast.5
At the table, long and lovely,
We shall dine with our High Priest.

  1. Mark 6:34-44
  2. 1 Cor. 11:23-25
  3. Luke 22:19
  4. Luke 24:30, 31
  5. Luke 12:37

Second Place
Everlasting Day

The Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal, no. 255—LONDONDERRY AIR

Beloved child, the night, the night is near us,
Which comes to all the earth this Eden-side,
For evening’s sunset-glow must yield to darkness;
It’s then that I must go, and you abide.
I shall lie down, and not rouse from my slumber;
The heavens will be no more when I awake.
I’ll wait the days appointed me in number;
I am His own; His handiwork He’ll not forsake.

23 1

Our time to part is but a little testing.
And of your grief, I know I well can see,
You’ll come and find the place where I am resting,
And lay a flow’r in memory of me.
What though I sleep? There’ll surely come the morning
When all who hear Christ’s voice from grave will rise;
Then you and I will walk in that fair dawning,
And pluck the golden flowers ’neath the azure skies.

I know not what your life may bring tomorrow,
But this I know, true faith will keep you brave,
And it may lend you comfort in your sorrow
To think, an angel watches by my grave:
For all who sleep in Jesus are of wondrous worth;
They know His voice, and soon will hear Him say,
“Awake! Awake! you sleepers in the dust of earth,”
And rise to reign with Him in everlasting day.

Third Place
Beyond Today

Beyond today, I do not know the future.
Beyond today, God has it planned.
But this I know, whatever lies before me,
I know the one who holds my hand.
For every day I see His weaving,
Threads of life go in and out;
Sometimes it’s joy and then it’s sorrow,
But I will trust and never doubt.

Beyond today, I know I must have trial.
Beyond today, God sees each tear.
But when my trials are oh, so bitter
I can’t explain, but know He’s near.
For everywhere I go, He’s leading
And trusting Him, I will not stray.
For even when my lights are dimming,
I will look up; He knows the way.

Beyond today, I know I’ll see His face.
For when my life on this old world is over,
It’s by His grace I’ll win the race.
For there I’ll walk and talk with Jesus
While walking ’long the golden shore,
And there I know His love will guide me
With peace and joy forevermore.

Beyond today, beyond today
If I but trust I will not roam.
When I look back and see how He has led me,
I know my Lord will guide me home.