March 18, 2014

Give & Take

Adventist Life

When four hurricanes ravaged our state in 2004, our prayers became very specific. Since many falling trees were responsible for so much of the damage around us, we prayed for angels to hold up our trees until the storms subsided. After the last hurricane passed, we walked our property, grateful that all seemed well.

Closer to our home, however, we noticed a 30-foot oak tree considerably uprooted and tipping precariously toward our roofline. Its angle defied the laws of gravity. Our youngest son looked at the roots and pointed to the top of the tree. “You better call the tree guys,” he said earnestly. “That angel needs to go home.”

—R. Cost, Florida

While we were serving as missionaries in Malawi, it was customary for visiting church dignitaries to go to various mission homes for meals during their stay. My wife prepared several flavored and textured gluten steaks, which we referred to as hippo, buffalo, rhino, etc., steaks. This brought questioning looks from the church brass, but they enjoyed the eats.

—Irwin Staples, Grass Valley, California

Sound Bite

“God uses whom He chooses when He chooses.”

—Pastor Kermit Netteburg, during a sermon series on David, at the Beltsville Seventh-day Adventist Church in Maryland


Advent Waiting

I sit here waiting
For the coming of Christ
The advent of my soul
Waiting in silence
With noise all around me
Knowing my wait is not in vain.

Come, Lord Jesus, come
To this broken heart of mine
Healing, restoring, comforting
So that I might become
All You want me to be.

I sit here waiting
Believing in the miracle of
New life through
The one born in Bethlehem
The one who waits for me to
Come and follow.


—Malinda Fillingim, Leland, North Carolina

Hymn Challenge

This is an idea to try at home; or you could have a teen Sabbath school try it out.

Take the title of your favorite hymn and either type and print it out or write it out (index card size or smaller) and put it somewhere where you will see it several times a day. (Suggestions: on the refrigerator, your desk, in your office, on the bathroom mirror.) Keep it up for several days (up to a week).

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