March 10, 2014

Give & Take

Adventist Life

The theme for our Cradle Roll department program was “Creation.” The class had gone through the first six days, singing songs about all the things God had made. As the leader, I reviewed what God had given us on each day of the week—light on the first day, air on the second, etc. Then I said, “And God saved the best for last. On the seventh day He created the best gift of all. Do you remember what that was?”

Three-year-old Logan threw up his hands and called out, “Pizza!”

—Charlotte Erickson, Battle Creek, Michigan

Sound Bite

“If you want to have adventure, stand up for Christ!”

—Pastor Lutz Binus, during a sermon at the Springfield Seventh-day Adventist Church in Oregon

History Lesson

During the weekend of March 13 and 14, 1858, James and Ellen White attended meetings in a schoolhouse at Lovett’s Grove, now Bowling Green, Ohio. After James conducted a funeral there on Sunday (March 14), Ellen stood up to offer comforting words to the mourners. Soon after she started talking, she began receiving a vision. For two hours God gave Ellen what Adventists now call the Great Controversy vision.

The Whites started home the next day, both intent on getting home quickly so Ellen could write the vision out as soon as possible. On the way Ellen suffered a stroke—after earnest prayer she regained enough strength to return home to Battle Creek, Michigan. Even though she was still quite weak, her strength came back gradually each day, and she worked little by little on recording the vision. But it wasn’t until June that she was able to complete most of the manuscript. Eventually Ellen recovered fully from the stroke.

13 1 0 1—material gathered from Life Sketches of Ellen G. White, pp. 161-163

Health Tip

Garlic (Allium sativum) is a member of the lily family (along with leeks, onions, shallots, and chives). It originated in central Asia, and has been cultivated worldwide for millennia. Garlic has been used throughout the centuries as both food and medicine.

Garlic has a strong antimicrobial action. It can lower lipid levels and inhibit blood clots. It can also enhance the immune system. Garlic can help maintain good health—the recommended amount of consumption is about one clove (four grams of fresh garlic) daily. Some people are allergic to garlic and suffer gastrointestinal distress. Large amounts should be avoided, because of possible heartburn and stomach upset.

—information from Vibrant Life,