January 6, 2014

GLOW Stories

Giving light to our world—GLOW—is an outreach initiative in multiple North American Division conferences based on the concept of church members carrying Adventist literature with them wherever they go and handing it out—free of charge—at every opportunity. Here are two short stories of lives touched by GLOW:

GLOW headquarters recently received the following two e-mails (slightly modified for space):

27 1 8E-mail 1:

“I found a little GLOW booklet on the ground, so I picked it up and read it. I fell in love with it. I really like the pictures and that it is small enough to carry in my pocket or wallet. Can I get more sent to my home when different ones come out? I want to help spread the word through GLOW and help others like myself who are not church people. I pray at home on my own and find that this would be a great way to study the Bible.”

E-mail 2:

“How can I get ahold of your Bible literature tracts so I can share them with others? I first came across the tracts while waiting in a hospital emergency room. I had suffered a bad spill on the ice and split open my chin. As I waited for an available doctor, I noticed several of the Bible tracts sitting on the TV. I started to read them and found them to be really inspiring and thought provoking. I wasn’t a Christian then, but the tracts helped to plant a seed in my mind and heart. They helped me to understand situations through a scriptural lens. Eventually I diligently sought after the truth and found it in my Lord and Savior, Jesus. May God bless the GLOW ministry!”

Stories compiled by Central California Conference GLOW director Nelson Ernst. To learn more about GLOW, go to sdaglow.org. To watch video GLOW testimonies, go to vimeo.com/user13970741.