December 20, 2013


For 45 years I’ve been on a journey with Jesus in ministry.

My travels have taken me to nearly 100 countries, and to every continent except Antarctica. I’ve preached in small country churches and huge city stadiums; in the open air in Ghana, drenched with rain; in 115° F blazing heat in India; in frigid -20° F temperatures in China; and under the starlit skies of Nigeria with hundreds of flying insects buzzing around my head.

During this amazing adventure in faith, I’ve seen God do spectacular things. The Holy Spirit has worked powerfully, and I want to share these miracles with you. In my new blog, Into All the World, I’ll openly discuss my own spiritual journey. You’ll discover insights into the deeper spiritual life. You’ll learn principles for making the Bible even more relevant to your life.

You’ll also be inspired as I share personal experiences that have changed my life. I’ll take you behind the scenes of my evangelistic meetings and tell stories of God’s providences and amazing miracles. You’ll also receive up-to-the-minute reports of what God continues to do through our international ministry as we lead out in 2014 in the first satellite series in the history of India—with 50,000 downlink sites! Join me via the blog on my worldwide evangelistic travels, and become a prayer partner of this ministry.

Into All the World will share cutting-edge soul-winning principles that are effective in leading people to Jesus and His truth. When you sign up for the blog, you’ll receive reviews of new evangelistic methods and outreach resources. You’ll sharpen your own evangelistic skills by putting these principles to use in your witness immediately.

Into All the World will launch by January 1. Sign up at Invite your friends to sign up today.

I’ll meet you on the blog.