November 22, 2013

Give & Take

Adventist Life

My mom and 3-year-old nephew stayed home from church one Sabbath because of a mild illness. The pastor and his wife visited in the afternoon. John raced to the door and shouted to his mom, “The sermon has come!”

—Emily Dunston, Tracy, California

Parents and siblings were invited to our granddaughter Sophia’s kindergarten class’s Thanksgiving meal, which the students helped prepare. Sophia invited us, saying, “Old people can come too.”

So a few of us “old people” joined with the little Pilgrims and Native Americans for a delicious meal of soup, muffins, and fruit salad. I still chuckle when I remember how serious and direct was Sophia’s invitation.

—Natalie Dodd, Centerville, Ohio


Thank You

Thank You, Lord,
For soul-saving
Whole healing.
Desiccated though we be
Trapped temporarily in death-shaped caskets,
You’ll make us new—
Full, sleek, and smooth,
Fit for the kingdom
And our happy ever after.

Thank You, Lord,
For Word-inspiring
Crowded hoping.
Tormented though we be
Minds littered with tattered old news,
You’ll crush out the sin— 
Flooded and clean and shiny
Awash in love’s joyous torrent
Fit to wear the gracious robes
Of our happy ever after.

Thank You, Lord.

—Kimberly Luste Maran, Laurel, Maryland

Sound Bite

“Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.”

—Psalm 95:2

“As we produce the fruit of thanksgiving, we bear living evidence that by connection with Christ we are placed on vantage ground.”

—Ellen G. White, “Offer Unto God Thanksgiving,” Review and Herald, Nov. 20, 1900

Let's Pray

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