December 21, 2012

Give & Take

Adventist Life

Several weeks ago on the Adventist Review Facebook page we asked friends to briefly describe the Bible to someone who isn’t familiar with it. The guidelines: it can be a description of what it is, how it’s used, or what it does. Almost 200 people replied. Several people posted an acrostic. Here are creative comments from two respondents:

—Submitted by Michelle Henry, John Basco, and Frank Kambare

Best Instructions Before Life Ends
—Submitted by John Pastor, Meru, Kenya

Sound Bite

“No failure is ever final or fatal when Jesus is on your side.”
—Pastor Clifford Jones, in his sermon on July 13, 2013, at the Alberta, Canada, camp meeting


Buzzzzz . . .
Here come
The dive bombers
Midair hovercraft
Stocked with standard
Mini hemi
Colorful covetous
Friendly unafraid
Guardians of the water nectar
I freeze
Within their range
Me and the pixies
Check each other out
God’s amazing
Garden fairies . . .
—Robert Black, Goldsboro, North Carolina

Camp Meeting Memories

One Sabbath in the early 1990s my son and I were in the big tent at the Potomac Conference camp meeting listening to the conference president preach. I was trying to hear the speaker over the sound of the rain, which had started to get very loud. The water was filling the “ribs” on the top of the tent and making it sag. I watched these pockets get bigger and bigger, expecting the tent to burst at any moment. All of a sudden I heard my son yell, “Mom, move!” I looked over my shoulder and saw the tent coming down toward me. I got up and ran to the cafeteria. I looked back to see that the tent had flattened.
When I got home, I told everyone how God had saved my life by letting my son know that I was in danger. But when my son heard the story I was sharing, he said, “Mom, I didn’t know you were in trouble; I was in the back picking chairs off people.”
I knew then that God had used my son’s voice because that made me act faster than I probably would have with a stranger’s voice. God is so good!
—Betty Gheen, Huntingtown, Maryland