December 12, 2012

GLOW Stories

Giving light to our world—GLOW—is an outreach initiative in multiple North American Division conferences based on the concept of church members carrying Adventist literature with them wherever they go and handing it out—free of charge—at every opportunity. Here are two short stories of lives touched by GLOW:

Story 1 

While shopping in a mall for bridal clothes for their upcoming wedding, Central California Conference GLOW director Nelson Ernst and his then fiancé, Ina, handed a GLOW tract to an attendant of a dressing room. The attendant said, “Thanks! I like reading this kind of stuff!” A discussion ensued about religion, and eventually the attendant and the couple exchanged phone numbers. Not long after, following additional Bible study, the attendant accepted Jesus as his Savior and was baptized.

“God can use someone even when they’re absorbed in premarital flurry,” Nelson says. “Literature distribution is simple work, but it has big results!”

Nelson and Ina have now been married for about seven months.

Story 2 

A young man named Joel noticed two other young men reading Bibles while leaning against a car in a restaurant parking lot. He went over, talked to them, and gave them some GLOW tracts. The young men told him that they had received GLOW tracts before and expressed interest in learning more about Bible prophecy. Joel offered them additional tracts and other resources on Bible prophecy. Not long afterward Joel met again with not only the two young men—who were brothers—but with three other individuals as well. They spent several hours watching and discussing a DVD on Bible prophecy. The relationship continues! 

Stories compiled by Central California Conference GLOW director Nelson Ernst. To learn more about GLOW, go to