October 21, 2013

Give & Take


Trust Me

Look at you,

You’ve traveled so far.

You’re tired and worn,

Still following your star.


Your feet have blisters,

Your hands are sore.

You seek great riches,

But you’re still so poor.


Come to Me, you who are weary,

And I will give you rest.

No longer will you seek and search;

You’ll be happy and blessed.


I’ll wipe away your tears,

Each and every one.

Come rest in Me, live

In the light of My Son.


You will find peace,

Your journey will end.

You’ll be safe with Me,

in the company of a friend.


You’ll be happy and peaceful,

Joyous and free.

I’ll bless you beyond measure . . .

Just please, won’t you trust Me?

—Erin Burke, Shawnee, Kansas

Sound Bite

“We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves.
When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.”

 —Paul, in 2 Corinthians 10:12

Adventist Life

 “The early bird gets the word.” Neli Flores, a tenth grader, shared this thought during the spring Week of Prayer on Creation at Metropolitan Junior Academy in Plymouth, Michigan. Flores’ presentation focused on the fifth day, when God created fish and birds—she encouraged her fellow students to begin each day with God’s Word.

—Craig Morgan, principal, Plymouth, Michigan

Think About It

It’s crazy how many things point to ourselves . . . All we seem to do is think about what it’ll take to make us more popular, more desirable, to gain more attention, to make us more attractive, to get the most “likes,” to do what we enjoy no matter the consequences, to do whatever it takes to be noticed. But since when has this world been created to be all about us? Why is there such a need to be like someone else or to impress? 

We aren’t here to make things about us and make ourselves prominent. . . . We’re here to make Him prominent. We shouldn’t waste so much time trying to get more followers of ourselves, but rather, we should try to gain more followers for Him. That’s our mission. . . . It’s time we start trying to look up, instead of at ourselves.

—Lisa Poirier, Silver Spring, Maryland, posted with a photo of an Ellen white quote from That We may know him, p. 174  on Instagram, used here with permission