October 21, 2013

Give & Take

Did You Know

ASI’s history is rooted in Madison College, an Adventist self-supporting institution established by E. A. Sutherland and Percy Magan in 1904 near Nashville, Tennessee. As Madison expanded, it began to plant satellite schools and institutions across the country. In 1947 these self-supporting entities formed the Association of Seventh-day Adventist Self-supporting Institutions, or ASI.

At the time, ASI members were educational or health entities. Through the years, however, ASI membership began to include businesses and Adventist entrepreneurs and professionals. In 1979, to better reflect ASI’s diverse membership, the organization’s name was changed to Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries. 

—information from ASI Web site (for more about ASI, visit www.asiministries.org)

Sound Bite

“If we are only human, we are not Christians, for Christians are partakers of Christ’s divine nature.”

—Frank Fournier, president of Adventist-
laymen’s Services and Industries

Adventist Life

Jim Wells, who had been an assistant manager at Harris Pine Mills, asked the manager of the soon-to-open Walmart, which was built on the same property in Pendleton, Oregon, if a large picture of the mill could be hung in the store’s foyer. The manager, so impressed with Jim’s artful diplomacy, allowed the picture to be hung and asked Jim if he was looking for a job. Jim agreed to be one of the greeters at the store.

When Jim died in 2007, many of the employees asked for time off to attend his funeral. They filled half of the church’s sanctuary and, in tears, expressed warm thoughts and stories about the kind influence Jim had had on their lives.

After listening to the many fond tributes, Herb Hill shared this thought: “After [the resurrection] I won’t be surprised if Jim will be asked to be one of the greeters in heaven. But I have one reservation: in the excitement—and simply out of habit—Jim might inadvertently say, “Welcome to Walmart.”

The congregation erupted with laughter and applause at those remarks.

—Roger A. Kruger, Milton-Freewater, oregon

Herald's Trumpet

Hi, kids! Herald’s trumpet is once again hidden somewhere in this magazine. If you find it, send a postcard telling us where. Be sure to include your name and address! Then we’ll randomly choose three winning postcards.

In our last contest (May 9, 2013) we had 11 entries! Our three winners were Marjorie Palmer, from Mill Creek, Washington; Anders Swanson-Lane, from Bovey, Minnesota; and Nathan Ward, from Cleburne, Texas. Each received a book from Pacific Press. Where was the trumpet? On page 29.

If you can find the trumpet this time, send your postcard to Herald’s Trumpet, Adventist Review, 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904-6600. The prize will be a book and a KidsView putty egg! Look for the three winners’ names in the October 24, 2013, edition of the Adventist Review. Have fun searching and keep trumpeting Jesus’ love—and His second coming!