October 22, 2013

GLOW Stories

Shaka was sitting in his living room when suddenly he heard a faint knock on his door. Thinking that it was a salesperson, he ignored it. The knock continued, however, so although annoyed, he finally answered it. He found two teenage girls who were working as summer literature evangelists standing on his doorstep. 

Shaka listened patiently as the girls explained to him what they were doing. He then gave a donation for a DVD on last-day events. Then as the young women were about to leave, they said, “Would you mind if we had prayer?” Shaka agreed and was surprised and touched by the sweetness and simplicity of the prayer. 

“After I heard them pray, I wanted to learn to pray like that,” Shaka said.

The young women offered to have someone come by and study the Bible with him. Shaka signed up, and not long afterward Bible worker Jeff Bentley showed up. Shaka and his wife, Stephanie, put off the Bible study twice, but still Jeff came a third time. Finally Stephanie told Shaka that she wasn’t going to cancel again, and the couple had their first study. Many Bible studies later Shaka and Stephanie were baptized into the Clovis Adventist Church in California, where Shaka now serves as the GLOW coordinator and Stephanie is actively involved with children’s ministry.

This story was written by Lisa Manzanares of the Central California Conference. To learn more about GLOW, go to sdaglow.org.