October 30, 2013


Dear [Insert Your Name Here]: 

I was going to stop thinking of you as my friend. We have had many great times, exchanging our problems, enjoying lunch together, visiting in each other’s homes, and helping each other with our problems. I really thought of you as one of my best friends. I have very few, but I counted you as one of my closest.

You have always been hard to contact, and lately it has become even harder. There have been times I have really needed to talk to you. I have been experiencing a lot of problems, and I needed to talk with you and get your valuable input. People have stabbed me in the back and twisted the knife. I needed your help, but you were not there. This was especially bad during the time I was experiencing the dark days of despair overtaking me. I needed your counsel, advice, and especially your friendship. But you would not talk to me. Not answering my phone calls, returning the messages I left for you, or responding to text messages I sent to you for months at a time is not talking to me.

I have waited for you when you asked me to, for more than an hour, only to have you tell me that you had not told me to wait (you had). You said you would call me the next day, but the call never came. When you asked me to stay, there were things that I really needed to do and work that needed to be finished. But friends come first, and I have always believed that you should put your friends ahead of yourself. At other times, when I put myself in your way, you promised to meet me at a specific place at a specific time, but you never showed up. 

It has become apparent that you are only doing what is necessary to keep up the appearance of friendship, but you do not really care. Therefore, I have decided to mentally scratch you from my list of friends—best or otherwise.

As I was thinking this, Jesus spoke to me and said, “I understand what you have put up with. [Insert your name here] does not deserve to be your friend, and I know they have disappointed you enough. However, what [insert your name here] has done to you is nothing in comparison to what My children have done to Me. But if you wish to follow in My footsteps, keep talking to [insert your name here], and make yourself available to them. When they brush you off or don’t keep their promises, remember that is their problem, not yours. Please, My child, do not write off My child. Please give them another chance.”

So, my friend, please forgive me for my impatience. I need more patience. I need more tolerance. I need more faith. I need to become more like Christ. 



Your friend


* The author wishes to remain anonymous.