October 29, 2013

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Adventist Life

My daughter, Kaydin, not wanting to be left alone to take her nap, kept asking me to stay to protect her. I said, “Let’s say a prayer to God asking for His protection.”

After the prayer Kaydin asked, “Where does God live? How long will it take Him to get here?”

—Ausma Kinney, Catonsville, Maryland

A guest speaker at our church, Pastor Al Azevedo, recently spoke on Daniel 3, the story of the three Hebrews who would not bow down to Nebuchadnezzar’s golden statue. As Azevedo repeated the story, he gave his opinion on how Jesus came to be in the furnace, saying that as heaven was watching the proceedings, Gabriel offered to go down and help the three Hebrews. “At first Jesus said, ‘OK,’ ” described Azevedo, “but on second thought He said, ‘No, wait, I’ll handle this Myself!’ ”

Praise God that He did!

—Peter Peabody, Riverside, California

Church Signs

I saw this on a church marquee in Chattanooga the other day:

“Jesus built your bridge to heaven with 2 pieces of wood and 3 nails.”

—Lamar Phillips, Ooltewah, Tennessee

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It was November 1984 that this sign grabbed my attention, and I snapped a photograph of it. Consider it an ongoing challenge still, in 2013!

—Herb Pritchard, Ocala, Florida